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Scientific Communication

Code 10994
Year 1
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 10
Workload OT(40H)
Scientific area Biomedicina
Entry requirements N/A
Mode of delivery Face to face with a strong component of individual work which may involve discussions on e-learning mode.
Work placements NA
Learning outcomes It is intended with this UC that students develop the different aspects of science communication: communication within the scientific community either orally or in written form; communication for different publics, communication through new platforms such as social networks, communication for the community in general (different publics), dissemination of science in the media.
Syllabus Program of Seminars and Conferences provided by the course direction in collaboration with the Health Sciences Research Center.
Tutorial sessions on the different aspects of science communication.
Seminars by experts or professionals dedicated to the process of science communication (editors of scientific journals, researchers, specialists in science communication)
Main Bibliography - David Schultz. Good Scientific Communication Skills. Available at:
- Schall J. Style for students. (free online)
- Alley M. The Craft of Scientific Presentations (2003). ISBN 0-387-95555-0 (free online)

Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Teaching Methodologies:
- Conferences
- Seminars
- Tutorials
- Oral presentations by students of a scientific project.
- Performing a scientific writing project

Assessment criteria:
Distribution of the score for the activities carried out within the scope of the CU (max 20 points)
By attending the scientific communication events of the program provided by the direction of the course the student obtains 0.5 points, until adding a maximum of 5 points.
Elaboration of abstracts from the seminars and conferences attended in the scope of the UC - 6 points
Oral presentation of a research project - 9 points
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-01-10

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