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Thesis in Fashion Design

Code 11330
Year 3
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 60
Workload OT(30H)/S(30H)
Scientific area Design de Moda
Entry requirements n.a.
Learning outcomes - Develop the ability to systematically understand the content and the ability to investigate in the scientific domain of fashion design;
- Apply academic standards in research;
- Develop analytical, critical and synthesis skills for new and complex ideas;
- Understand the implications of research in other areas (professional, economic, technological, social and cultural);
- Develop the ability to argue, communicate and dispute the content of their work, including before non-specialized audiences.
Syllabus The syllabus contents to be concatenated in this UC, of an eminently tutorial nature, are comprehensive and transversal to different areas of knowledge, due to their necessary adaptability to the object, specialty and to the specific study of each doctoral student, who will be able to judge about its pertinence, as well as they cannot fail to adapt to the direction that the supervisor decides to give.
Main Bibliography The bibliography will be based on scientific articles in the field of each individual investigative path.
As a complementary bibliography, the following stand out:
HARRIS, D. (2019). Literature Review and Research Design: A Guide to Effective Research Practice. Routledge.
KAWAMURA, Y. (2020). Doing research in fashion and dress: An introduction to qualitative methods. Bloomsbury Publishing.
BROUWER, J.; A. Mulder; A. Nigten (eds.), Research and Development in Art. V2/Netherlands Arch. Institute, Rotterdam 2005
CALVERA, Anna (ed.), Arte ¿? Diseño, Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili, 2003.
MICHEL, Ralf (2007) Design Research Now: Essays and Selected Projects, Birkhäuser
VINKLER, Peter, (Jan. 2010) Chandos Publishing, The Evaluation of Research by Scientometric Indicators
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-11-27

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