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Business Organization and Entrepreneurship

Code 11689
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload TP(60H)
Scientific area Economics and Management
Entry requirements Do not exist.
Learning outcomes To transmit knowledge about entrepreneurship, to develop in the formation of a series of skills and attitudes that foster the entrepreneurial spirit, aiming at the creation of new companies / new projects in existing companies / institutions. Skills to be acquired by the student:
- Know the process of creating new companies, factors and constraints;
- Characterize the figure of the entrepreneur and know the reasons for its emergence;
- Recognize business ideas and evaluate opportunities;
- Identify technologies with market potential and economic valuation;
- Identify the elements necessary to the process of creating a company;
- Develop and participate in entrepreneurial networks.
Syllabus 1. Management: Concept, Functions and Levels
2. The Manager: Tasks and Skills Required
3. The Company and its Environment
4. The Company as a Social Organization and as an Open System
5. Business Objectives, Resources and Environment
6. The company's mission, objectives and strategies
7. Analysis and diagnosis of the environment: threats and opportunities
8. Evaluation of the company's competitive position
9. Presentation of some typical strategies
10. Entrepreneurship and Business Creation
11. Business Plan
Main Bibliography Chiavenato, I. “Administração de Empresas”, McGraw-Hill;
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Sousa,A(1990), “Introdução à Gestão”, Verbo.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria - Written test (40%)
- Group work - Presentation of a Business Plan (60%)
- Attendance Level: Greater than or equal to 75%
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-01-17

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