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Education, Citizenship and Ethics of Teachers Profession

Code 12053
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 5
Workload TP(30H)
Scientific area Educação
Entry requirements There isn't.
Mode of delivery Theoretical-practical classes.
Work placements It doesn't apply.
Learning outcomes With this CU is intended that students become aware of the education phenomenon as an eminently anthropological and political project in Western societies, linked to democratic ideals enshrined in Human Rights and demanding ethical and civic responsibilities in the teaching profession.
Syllabus I. Education. Concept of Education and its problematicity. Conceptions of Education and its anthropological and political grounds. The affinity between the concepts of education and democracy.
II. Citizenship. 2.1.. Conceptions of citizenship; Civic participation in the digital age; Dimensions of democratic citizenship education. 2.2. Human Rights as a reference for democratic citizenship education and education for peace and nonviolence; Foundations of Human Rights; Human Rights and the long road of non-discrimination (rights of children, women, minorities). 2.3. Citizenship Education in Portugal and Europe: Main documents.2.4. Educational strategies.
III. Ethics of the Teaching Profession. Concepts of ethics and deontology. Ethical paradigms: the ethics of justice, the ethics of responsibility, and the ethics of care. 3.2. Affective and ethical requirements of teachers profession.
Main Bibliography Brett, P., Gaillard, P. E Salema,M. H. (2009). How can teachers support citizenship and human rights education. Edições Conselho da Europa.
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Osler, A e Starkey, H. (2010). Teachers and human rights education. Trentham Books.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-06-11

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