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Baroque and Neoclassic Portuguese Literature

Code 12346
Year 2
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload OT(15H)/TP(45H)
Scientific area Literaturas
Entry requirements Be fluent in Portuguese language.
Mode of delivery Lessons of practical-theoretical nature.
Work placements It doesn't apply.
Learning outcomes Analyze Portuguese literature from baroque and neoclassical period.
By the end of the semester, the student must be able to:
- relate to the historical context of literary production Portuguese seventeenth and eighteenth centuries;
- distinguish and characterize Mannerism, Baroque and Neoclassicism;
- recognize the aesthetic and thematic trends of the major writers of the baroque and neoclassical Portuguese literature;
- critically analyze poems and prose of these literary periods.
Syllabus 1. Historical context of the Portuguese baroque literature.
2. From Renaissance and Mannerism to Baroque: concepts and features.
2.1. Authors and most representative works.
2.1.1. «Corte na Aldeia», of Francisco Rodrigues Lobo.
2.1.2. The Portuguese baroque poetry.
2.1.3. The baroque oratory. The sermons of Antonio Vieira.
2.1.4. «Apólogos Dialogais», of. Francisco Manuel de Melo.
2.1.5. The theater of António José da Silva, the Jew.
3. Neoclassicism and Arcadian literature: historical context, characterization and periodization. Authors and most representative works.
3.1. Bocage, between Classicism and Pre-Romanticism.
Main Bibliography Main bibliography:
BOCAGE, Manuel Maria Barbosa du, Antologia Poética, org. de Maria Mourão e Maria Nunes, Lisboa, Ulisseia, 1991.
LOBO, Francisco Rodrigues, Corte na Aldeia, org. de José Adriano de Carvalho, Lisboa, Editorial Presença, 1991.
MELO, D. Francisco Manuel de, Apólogos Dialogais, vol. 1, ed. de Pedro Serra, Braga/Coimbra, Angelus Novus, 1998.
PIRES, Maria Lucília Gonçalves e CARVALHO, José Adriano de, História Crítica da Literatura Portuguesa, vol. 3, Maneirismo e Barroco, Lisboa/São Paulo, Verbo, 2001.
MARNOTO, Rita, História Crítica da Literatura Portuguesa, vol. 4, Neoclassicismo e Pré-Romantismo, Lisboa, Verbo, 2010.
Poetas do Período Barroco, org. de Maria Lucília Pires, Lisboa, Duarte Reis, 2003.
VIEIRA, Pe. António, Sermão de Santo António aos Peixes, ed. de Manuel Alves, Lisboa, Vega, 1998.

All the other references will be recommended during the semmester.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Theorical and pratical methodologies.
The teacher is always trying to obtain a pertinent participation of students in class.

2 tests (9 values each): 16th november and 4th january
Pertinent participation in class (2 values).
It is only possible to go to exam obtaining 6 values miminum in the final of the semester.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-10-28

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