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Occupational and Sports Optometry

Code 12402
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload TP(60H)
Scientific area Optometria
Entry requirements Non necessary
Mode of delivery Face to face
Work placements Not applicable
Learning outcomes Evaluate the risks, adequacy of ocular protection means and visual function to the work post, proposing ergonomical improvements, visual compensation or functional treatment. Evaluate visual function, design and perform visual training programs in order to improve visual skills in sports. Know the effects of radiation in the eye;
Evaluate ocular risks in the working environment;
Know and evaluate the adequacy of the available ocular protections accordingly to the norms.
Know how to direct the optometric exam for specific occupations;
Propose ergonomic improvements in the workplace, especially when using computers;
Know ocular lesions and prevention means in sports;
Know the visual skills necessary for sports practice;
Know how to perform an optometric exam in order to analyze the former skills;
Advice the most adequate visual compensation mean to each sport;
Know how to design and execute visual training programs adequate to each sport requirements.
Syllabus Module 1: Ocular Traumatology
Module 2: Sports Optometry: Visual skills in sports; Optometric exam in sports; Contact lens in sports. Visual training to improve results in sports.
Module 3: Radiations and the eye. Visual Ergonomics and Computers.
Module 4: Occupational Optometry: Work accidents statistics; Occupational case history; Visual performance; Visual screenings; Occupational Optometry Services; Contact lenses in the workplace; Vision and Driving; Evaluation of light sources; Luminaries; Lightning distribution schemes; Recommended levels of illuminance; Glare; Selection of lightning equipment; Lightning equipment maintenance; Ocular protection; Lens and filters; Norms and legislation analysis.
Main Bibliography 1. Main Bibliography
- Monteiro, P.M.L. (2010) Apontamentos de Optometria em Desporto.
- Monteiro, P.M.L. (2010) Apontamentos de Optometria Ocupacional.

2. Complementary Bibliography
- North, R.V. (2001) Work and the Eye, 2nd Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.
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Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Teaching methodologies integrating: tutorials, problem solving for exemplification, norms and legislation analysis, self-study. Student evaluation resorting to written tests, problem solving regarding norms and legislation, report for evaluation and visual training in sports
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-01-17

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