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Database Technology

Code 12565
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload PL(30H)/T(30H)
Scientific area Informatics
Entry requirements Skills on algorithms development and codification. (Skills on) Data modeling and database applications development.
Mode of delivery Face-to-face instruction, with theoretical and practical classes.
Work placements Not applicable.
Learning outcomes The main objectives of this course unit are to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course unit of databases, namely in terms of Structured Query Language (SQL) and database modeling, as well as to present and explore the technologies related to this particular field of computer science.
At the end of this course unit the student should be able to: install and manage several database management systems; model a database from the analysis of the requirements and define it using SQL; structure complex queries in SQL; take advantage of the various technologies by provided by database management systems and use them with ease, understanding their underlying mechanisms; quickly develop a prototype for database applications, including Web applications; interconnect database management systems with applications developed in procedural or object-oriented programming languages.
Syllabus 1. Entity-relationship model and relational model. Database management systems architectures.
2. Data storage.
3. Data organization in files and indexes.
4. Indexes structured as a B+ tree.
5. Hash based indexes.
6. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) language and database web applications.
7. Security and authorization in database management systems and in web applications.
8. Transactions processing.
9. Query optimization.
10. Parallel database management systems.
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Other References:
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Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-03-10

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