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Competency Portfolio

Code 14030
Year 3
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 3
Workload OT(30H)
Scientific area Management
Entry requirements None.
Learning outcomes The purpose of this unit is to encourage stu dents to practice and acquire during the 1st cycle transversal skills or "soft
skills" that are important for an adequate job performance when exercising management functions. This unit values in
the curricular structure skills that are developed outside the curricular units of the study cycle, but that are important
to the personal and professional development of students and consequently for their employability.
Syllabus The content s of the unit correspond to the activities that will be valued and which focus on:
- developing language skills and intercultural communication
- improvement of oral and written communication skills
- Use of Enterprise Resource Planning software
- Creativity development
- Teamwork skills
- Conflict manage ment
- Stress management, s tress tolerance and emotional adjustment
- Time management
- Critical thinking
- Methods and pro blem solving techniques
- Presentation techniques and professional image
- Job-seeking skills
These activities may consist of free courses, workshops, lectures, volunteering experiences in external organizations,
participation in management competitions outside UBI, etc.
Main Bibliography Varies depending on the activity (not applicable in some cases).
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Diverse depending on the activities. In some cases , the methodologies have a theoretical-practical nature with a strong
experimental component using practical tasks, projects and cases to promote a wide-ranging debate on the issues. In
some cases it will have the nature of thematic presentations that convey information and promote reflection,
discussion and the sharing of experiences on specific topics. In other cases, it will have the support of multimedia
resources or software practice. Other activities will be developed in an external institution that will host the student. To successfully
complete this unit the student should present a portfolio proving the participation in useful activities for his/her professional or personal development. If successful the student will be assigned a grade similar to his/her course GPA eventually with a bonus or penalty.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2024-06-12

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