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History of Portuguese Architecture I

Code 14102
Year 3
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 5
Workload T(45H)
Scientific area Theory and History of Architecture
Entry requirements .
Learning outcomes The course unit of History of Portuguese Architecture I aims to provide specific theoretical knowledge in the field of History of Portuguese Architecture. It is intended to provide the student with knowledge base within the scope of history that will allow the discernment and ability to understand the surrounding reality in Project activity; Develop observation skills; Describe a work of architecture; Apply the appropriate terminology; Identify the materials and techniques applied; Compare with other works of the same genre; To know and reflect on the evolution of Portuguese Architecture in time and space; Develop the ability to create work tools and theoretical support for a better interpretation of the cultural and architectural reality that allows bases for the design project. Write a research report; Present the results and conclusions in group or individual orally.
1.1. The Castro culture
1.2. Roman Lusitânia
1.3. Paleocristian Architecture
1.4. Sueve and Visigothic Architecture
2.1. Architecture of the Benedictine Monastic Orders line: Cluniacs and Cistercians
2.2. The first Cathedrals (Sé)
2.3. The Romanesque and its regionalisms
2.4. Military Orders - the contribution of the Templars and Hospitallers
3.1. The Cistercian innovation and the consolidation of the Territory
3.2. Architecture of the Mendicant Monastic Orders: Franciscans, Poor Clares, Dominicans
3.3. Architecture of the Military Orders: Templars, Hospitallers, Avis, Santiago
3.4. Mudejar Architecture
3.5. Manueline
3.6. The fortification of the Empire and the Military Architecture
4.1. Mannerist Architecture
4.2. Plain Architecture
4.3. Jesuit Architecture
4.4. Military Architecture
Main Bibliography - AAVV.; História da Arte em Portugal -vol.1 a7; LISBOA: ALFA, 1993 B FCSH-UBI
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- SILVA, José Custódio Vieira da; Paços mediev
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-02-02

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