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Medical and Surgical Clinics I

Code 14213
Year 4
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 44
Workload E(320H)/OT(60H)/PL(100H)/TP(100H)
Scientific area Ciências Médicas-Clinica
Entry requirements -
Mode of delivery Face to face
Work placements Learning in clinical context (hospital) lasting 27 weeks.
Learning outcomes Students shall acquire knowledge and competences that they require in order to be able to practice as general practitioners. At the completion of the curricular unit the student is expected to know how to prevent, diagnose, and treat the commonest diseases related to the different systems, namely respiratory, digestive, reproductive (female and male), urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular and hematologic, to interpret the semiologic data obtained through an adequate medical history taking and clinical exploration of patients, and correlate them with the respective physiopathologic, to perform medical procedures, and communicate with patients and their relatives, as well as with other health care professionals
Syllabus Reproductive health, cancer and sexually transmitted infections screening, care of women during pregnancy, during labour and during the puerperium, as well to the normal newborn. Study of the commonest pathologies of the respiratory, digestive, reproductive (female and male), urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular and hematologic system, and the clinical approach to the corresponding diseases. Taking a medical history and performance of clinical examination, selection and ordering additional tests, planification and decision about
therapy, carrying out treatments and other medical procedures, while establishing an adequate interaction with the patient.
Main Bibliography Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine (2012) (Longo et al, Ed), 18th ed., McGraw-Hill
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Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria
The assessment is made according to the learning objectives and skills to be developed by the student in the curricular unit, using the appropriate assessment tools and according to the specific criteria set out in the IM Evaluation Criteria document 2015-2016.
Necessary adaptations were made to the teaching-learning and assessment process directed to distance learning.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-08-04

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