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Graduation Final Project

Code 14817
Year 3
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 12
Workload OT(45H)
Scientific area Mathematics
Entry requirements NA
Learning outcomes In this curricular unit, it is intended that the student: i) Develop the ability to study and/or to apply mathematical content with some autonomy, though under the guidance of a tutor; ii) Develop the ability to do bibliographic research; iii) Develop the ability to communicate using mathematical language.
Syllabus In this curricular unit, the student, under the guidance of a teacher involved in the teaching of the course, will develop an autonomous work using mathematical contents to be studied or already studied throughout the course. Such work may involve: 1) An autonomous study and writing of a brief monograph on a particular topic from one of the areas of mathematics or its applications; 2) Use the knowledge acquired during the course to solve an application problem, from an academic point of view or even in a real context, for example integrated in a professional internship, being in any case required the writing of a text on the work that was undertaken, which, depending on the situation, may take the form of a brief monograph or a report.
Main Bibliography The bibliography depends on the subject being researched
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Whether the work to be developed fits into 1) of the program content, or falls within point 2) of the program content, each student will be assigned a tutor who will guide him, discussing periodically with him the evolution of the work as well as the ways to develop it. It is also up to the tutor to provide bibliographic items, to guide the student in writing the brief monograph or report and to encourage the student's to do bibliographic research. Additionally, the tutor should read the preliminary versions of the text and suggest ways to improve them. The final evaluation of each student will be attributed by the responsible of the curricular unit, taking into account the evaluations proposed by each of the tutors, the work developed, the monograph or report elaborated and also taking into account the need to use homogeneous criteria.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-03-31

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