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Code 15104
Year 3
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 8
Workload OT(50H)/TC(10H)/TP(10H)
Scientific area Human Sciences
Entry requirements There are currently no prerequisites for attending the Geriatrics Unit. It is assumed that the student has minimal knowledge of medical semiology
Mode of delivery Seminars and group assignments in practical context.
Work placements Not applicable.
Learning outcomes This Curricular Unit aims to give the student a group of knowledge that allows him to approach the semiology and pathology of the elderly patient in its medical, psychological and social aspects. It is intended that the 3rd year student of the MIM use their knowledge and be able to apply them in the discussion of clinical situations of older patients with pluripathology and in the application of geriatric screening. At the end of this Course Unit, the student should be able to understand the main processes of normal and pathological aging. He/she should be able, in the discussion of clinical cases, to assess the risk factors of each elderly patient in terms of loss of autonomy. It should be able to carry out a geriatric screening, and in this analyze the social, psychological and physical circumstances of each elderly person, discuss and establish preventive processes based on existing diseases, the environment in which the patient is inserted and the resources that the patient has.
Syllabus Specificities of social and demographic aging. Major age-related physiological changes with age and prevention of pathological aging. Global geriatric assessment: the geriatric screening - Assessment tools. Sexuality in the elderly - menopause and andropause. Geriatrics and gender. Clinical signs and diagnosis of the most frequent diseases in the elderly: chronic pain; cardio vascular disease and urinary disease; gastrointestinal disease; neurological and psychiatric pathology; metabolic and endocrine disorders; haematological disorders; osteo-articular pathology in the elderly. Psychological and Psycho Social changes in old age. Ethics in the aging process.
Main Bibliography Geriatria Fundamental; Saber e Praticar de Manuel Teixeira Veríssimo Edição/reimpressão:2014 Páginas: 450Editor: LidelISBN: 9789897520563 Coleção: Fundamental

Historias clinicas disponibilizadas na Intranet

Bibliografia adicional fornecida pelo docente
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria The evaluation criteria of the Curricular Unit comply with the general evaluation criteria of the Integrated Master in Medicine and were elaborated after discussion with the students and their representatives.
This CU is not divided into blocks.

Assessment is carried out in accordance with the learning objectives and skills to be developed by the student in the Curricular Unit, using the appropriate assessment instruments and according to the specific criteria set out in the document Criteria for Assessment of the Integrated Master in Medicine ( 2022-2023)
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-11-13

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