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Clinical Practice

Code 15111
Year 6
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 48
Workload E(620H)/OT(100H)
Scientific area CIÊNCIAS MÉDICAS
Entry requirements Those defined for academic year transition
Mode of delivery Face-to-face
Work placements Faculty, Hospitals and Health Centres
Learning outcomes Expose students to current clinical situations in the context of health services: hospitals and health centers, applying and developping communication competencies
Develop practical, critical thinking and decision making skills.
Apply research methodologies
• evaluate the clinical situations, request additional tests, making differential diagnosis
and negotiate a treatment plan
• provide immediate care for medical emergencies, including first aid and
• communicate and interact effectively
• demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of disease prevention and health promotion
• apply ethical and legal principles in medical practice
• Consider the psychological and social aspects of the disease
• use information and information technology effectively in a medical context
• apply scientific principles, methods and knowledge for medical practice and
health research
Syllabus • Identify and characterize the key problems in the area of ??Public Health • Recognize and establish priorities for the health needs of the individual, group, community and recognize their determinants. • Understand the main features and characteristics of a normal individual and what the main objectives of monitoring health throughout life.
• Identify emerging and urgent clinical situations and manage them adequately particularly in trauma and cardiac arrest.
• Demonstrate clinical skills to identify and address the most prevalent diseases in different age groups • Demonstrate scientific reasoning in decision making during medical practice. • Dealing with clinical records and communication.
Main Bibliography Ivor, B., Griggs, R., Wing, E., & Fitz, J. (2015) Andreoli and
Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine. Elsevier Health Sciences.
ISBN: 978 -1437718997.

Kasper, D., Fauci, A., Hauser, S., Longo, D., Jameson, J., & Los-
calzo, J. (2015). Harrison’s principles of internal medicine, 19e. ISBN:

13: 978 -0071802154.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-08-01

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