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Nervous System and Senses Organs

Code 15114
Year 1
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 12
Workload OT(40H)/PL(5H)/S(23H)/TP(3H)
Scientific area Morphological and Functional Sciences
Entry requirements Without requirements
Learning outcomes At the end of the course students should understand:
- the functioning of the different cells that make up the nervous system
- the external and internal anatomy of the nervous system
- the functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System
- the functioning of the somatic sensory system
- the mechanisms that regulate pain perception
- the organization and mechanisms involved in the senses of sight, hearing, the vestibular system, taste and smell
- the role of the nervous system in the control of movement
- Complex brain functions (Language, Mood, memory)

At the end of this course, the students should also be able to synthesize information and communicate it clearly and accurately to colleagues and develop the ability to work as a team.
Syllabus - Cells of the nervous tissue
- Embryology of the nervous system (NS)
- Macroscopic anatomy of NS
- Organization and functions of the Autonomic NS
- Operation of the somatosensory system
- Mechanisms associated with pain perception
- Sense of smell and taste
- Organization of the visual system and processing of the visual signals
- Structure of the auditory system and mechanisms of sound perception
- Structure and function of the vestibular system
- Control of movement through the superior centers of the spinal cord and brainstem, basal ganglia and cerebellum
- Cortical areas of association
- Role of different cortical areas in language
- Sleep control and wakefulness.
- Brain structures involved in the control of emotions
- Memory and mechanisms of memory formation
- Vascularization of the CNS

Practical Activities:
- Introduction to neuroanatomy
- Assessment of the Senses of Vision and Hearing
- Histology of the Nervous System
- Imaging of the Nervous System
Main Bibliography Neurociências, Purves D, 4ª Ed, Sinauer Associates Edit.
Tratado de Fisiologia Médica Guyton e Hall,11º Edição. Elsevier Edit.
Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb. E. Pearson Edit.
Neuroanatomia Clínica, Snell, R. 7ªed Guanabara Koogan Edit.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria The teaching methodologies used in this course include seminars and tutorial classes that are complemented by practical classes. Tutorial classes take place in groups of 25 students guided by a teacher.
The evaluation is performed through 5 tests at the end of each teaching unit (each two weeks), each of these tests has a rating of 12.5% for the final grade, and an global test, with a 30.0% weight in the final grade of the UC.
  Students who do not meet the minimum objectives are assessed in the final exam.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-06-17

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