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Leadership and Management in Health

Code 15123
Year 5
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 5
Workload PL(18H)/S(52H)
Scientific area Ciências Médicas-Clinica
Entry requirements Not Applicable
Learning outcomes The curricular area's mission is to teach fundamental principles of systematic thinking, management and leadership in provision, organization and policy through discussions of real cases in the classroom.
Upon completion of activities in the curricular area, students must demonstrate the following skills:
• Ability to analyze the design, operations, and results of health care programs and systems in a national context and
• Understanding the importance of factors specific to local contexts such as culture, history, and policies in planning and implementing
health programs;
• Sensitivity to the fundamental role of strategic analysis in solving health challenges;
• Autonomy in the development and use of systematic tools for analyzing programs, systems and health problems;
• Leadership skills, teamwork and conflict management in adverse environments and situations.
Syllabus Health Care Management and Leadership
- Strategic Analysis of Health Challenges
- “6 Lenses” Strategic Analysis Methodology
User centrality
- Digital transformation
- Team and Conflict Management
- Leadership
- Communication
- Case studies
Security / medical error
Effectiveness / efficiency
Patient Centered Care
NHS (SNS) Organization
Main Bibliography Case studies developed in the national context by teachers, students or other faculty members will be made available in digital version
on the platform made available by the Faculty for this purpose. Additional literature will be made available on the same platform whenever this is considered
relevant by teachers.

IOM (1998) To Err is Human: PDF summary at
( and (
IOM (2001) Crossing the quality chasm.
PDF summary at:
20report% 20brief.pdf
Full text (
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-08-03

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