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Communication Architectures and Protocols

Code 15404
Year 2
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload PL(30H)/T(30H)
Scientific area Systems and Computers
Entry requirements Not applicable.
Learning outcomes At the end of CU the student must:
a) Understand the role of protocols in communications, services and management in networks, b) Know how to choose, apply and configure advanced routing protocols
c) Know how to implement IP multicast services
d) Know the main protocols in network mobility and its role
e) Know how to use and configure network management protocols.
Syllabus 1. General topics on communication protocols
2. Routing protocols
3. IP Multicast Protocols
4. Mobile networks and IP mobility
5. Mutlimedia networks and network applications
6. Protocols and architectures on the application layer
7. Network Management Protocols
Main Bibliography - Computer Networks and Internets, Douglas E. Comer, 5th edition, ISBN 10: 0-13-606127-3
- Redes Cisco Para Profissionais, Mário Véstias, FCA, ISBN 978-972-722-828-7
- Engenharia de Redes Informáticas, Edmundo Monteiro, Fernando Boavida, FCA, 10a edição, ISBN 978-972-722-694-8 - TCP/IP Teoria e Prática, Fernando Boavida, Mário Bernardes, FCA, ISBN 978-972-722-745-7
- Fred Halsall, "Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems", Addison Wesley, 4th Edition, 1996.
- Fernando Pereira, “LINUX – Curso Completo”, 5a Edição, FCA - Editora de Informática, 2005.
- Request for Comments (RFCs). URL:
- Fontes de informação na Web / Web sources.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Teaching methodologies:
1. Lecture,
2. Supervised group work,
3. Peer learning,
4. Project.

Written test/Exam: 40%.
Laboratory projects: 60%.

Written test/Exam: Test with an open book with a duration of 2 hours; The test comprises 20 questions with four options of which only one is correct; Wrong answers do not discount on the score of a given question.
Laboratory project: Works carried out in groups, each group consisting of 1 or 2 students. A report should be written for each work is a report. The report of each work must be sent by email to, according to the following timetable:
Deadline to Submit the 1st Work: December 17, 2021.
Deadline to Submit the 2nd Work: December 17, 2021.
Deadline to Submit the 3rd Work: January 14, 2022.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-11-23

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