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Seminar on Research

Code 15496
Year 2
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 10
Workload OT(15H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Relações Internacionais
Entry requirements NA
Learning outcomes Supervise students in their research processes (preparing the interniship report or a master thesis).
Support students in the development of a research design in International Relations: identificate and choose research problems, conduct a literature review and choose most appropriate research method.
Expose students to scientific work (articles/thesis/reports) conducted in the area of international relations.
Provide students the necessary tools for communicating research that is structured, clear and consistent in its objectives, methods, results and sources used.
Syllabus 1. The problematic, objectives and research questions
2. The theory, literature review, and concepts
4. From theory to data: how to answer the research questions?
5. The choice of research methods and techniques
6. Guidelines for good scientific writing (thesis and internship report)
Main Bibliography Curini, L. & Franzese, R. (editors) (2020) The SAGE Handbook of Research Methods
in Political Science and International Relations. Sage Publications
? Detlef F. Sprinz, Yael Wolinsky-Nahmias (editors) (2004) Models, Numbers, and
Cases: Methods for Studying International Relations. University of Michigan Press
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Palgrave Macmillan
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Sage Publications
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Sciences. Qualitative Inquiry, 9(4), pp: 643-668
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Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria - Active participation in classes and in the proposed exercises
- Elaboration of a research and/or intervention project
- Due date: January 7th
- Maximum limit: 3000 words
- Synthetic presentation in class of the work (10 minutes)
- Dates: November 17 and 24
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-01-25

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