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Research Seminar

Code 15745
Year 2
Semester A1
ECTS Credits 6
Workload OT(15H)/S(45H)
Scientific area Ciência Política
Entry requirements None
Learning outcomes The Research Seminar aims to promote interest in research among participants, namely through the creation of skills in terms of scientific production and presentation of its products, in the field of Political Science.
Bearing in mind that students, in the second year of the study cycle, are in the process of preparing a dissertation or an internship report, in the research seminar skills related to documental sources, bibliographic research, the elaboration of the scientific text and the public presentation of research results.
The Seminar also aims to bridge the gap between the teaching-learning process and scientific production on the part of students.
Syllabus In the Research Seminar, students should have effective contact with:
a) theoretical and empirical research practices in Political Science;
b) carrying out bibliographical research exercises in databases based on case studies;
c) the structuring of monographic works on topical issues;
d) the presentation of relevant projects and works in the field of Political Science by national researchers;
e) the development and monitoring of a research project presented in the form of a “paper”.
Main Bibliography Baake, K. (2003) Metaphor and Knowledge. The Challenges of Writing Science. Albany: State University of New Uork Press; Katz, M. (2006) From Research to Manuscript. A Guide to scientific Writing. Dordrecht: Sringer; Lebrun, J. (2007) Scientific Writing. A Reader and a Writer's Guide. Singapure: World Scientific Publishing; Malmfors, B., Garnsworthy, P., Grossman, M. (2009) Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers. Nottingham: Nottingham University Press; Yang, J. (1995) An Outline of scientific Writing. For Researchers with English as a Foreign Language. Singapure: World scientific Publishing.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Participation in thematic seminars and in the working group responsible for building an international conference dedicated to young researchers in political studies are the two ordinary modes of knowledge transmission. An alternative participation regime (dedicated to students who prefer to investigate) will involve writing two reports per semester, based on lectures, colloquia or seminars in which they have participated. Student-workers must write two reports each semester (fifteen pages + bibliography) on topics related to the elaboration of the dissertation.
a) Worker-student assessment system: two reports per semester with a weight of 25% each in the final classification;
b) Ordinary assessment regime: regular participation in work sessions leading to the holding of a congress dedicated to young researchers in Political Science (75%) + participation in the research seminars (25%)
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-10-02

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