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Code 16757
Year 1
Semester L0
ECTS Credits 3
Workload PL(23H)/T(5H)
Scientific area Physics
Entry requirements None
Learning outcomes Show and communicate the importance of experimental activities in environmental radioactivity and promote the acquisition of experimental skills.
Syllabus 1. Face-to-face Component
Intensive course on: GIS, SDG
Digital Tool: Genially (gamification tools)
Laboratory Practice: Measurement of ambient radioactivity using different detectors.
2. Virtual Component
Presentation/communication of the work developed by the group during the face-to-face component.
Main Bibliography Cinelli, G., De Cort, M. & Tollefsen, T., 2019. European Atlas of Natural Radiation. Luxembourg: Publication Office of the European Union.
Knoll, G. F., 2000. Radiation Detection and Measurement. 3rd ed., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
Van der Stricht, E. & Kirchmann, R., 2001. Radioecology, radioactivity & ecosystems. Liège: Van der Stricht, E.; Kirchmann, R..
Gilmore, Gordon R., 2008. Pratical Gamma-ray Spectrometry. 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons. New York.

The course encourages bibliographical research by participants as a reinforcement of self-learning.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria The students' tasks are to present a group work, developed by each group, which includes the SDGs, the creation and presentation of an escape room and a final report related to the radon measurements including the field trip and the results of the experimental work.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2024-06-04

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