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Organization of Social Services

Code 7814
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload OT(15H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Sociology
Mode of delivery Face to face
Learning outcomes Put students in contact with the main concepts of management by providing them with an overview of the organizations and functions necessary for its operation.
Training of development agents, by developing their social skills of managers in order to generate efficiency in the third sector.
The main goal of this course unit is to provide and develop analytical competences about management concepts providing them with an overview of the organizations and functions necessary for its operation.
Syllabus 1 - Presentation of the state of the art in this area in Portugal and worldwide
2 - From the company cultures of organizational cultures
- Planning and strategy in social organization
3 - NGOs: emergence and development, scope and diversity
- Managing people and relationships in social organization: management team, staff, volunteers and community.
4 - Changes to policies and global geo-strategic and organizational consequences: the organization of work, the systems of employment and social responses to traditionally disadvantaged groups and new risk groups.
5 - Financial viability: the capture and protection of resources on performance measures.
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Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2012-05-23

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