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Clinical Skills Lab

The Clinical Skills Lab (LaC) is a teaching, research and development structure of FCS. It articulates with other Faculty´s divisions, including the Education and Assessment Methodologies in Health Sciences´ Office (GEMA-CS), UBI or other institutions and aims at the promotion of biomedical simulation in UBI.

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LaC can propose, implement and collaborate on medical education research projects in FCS, in conjunction, when appropriate, with GEMA-CS. As part of its duties, LaC can be constituted as a Training Center of UBI in the area of ​​simulation and clinical skills before national and foreign associations. 

This Lab develops FCS courses´ undergraduate teaching activities, providing students with training in technical and non-technical skills with great impact on the care provided by health professionals after completion of pre-graduate training, and may also develop under and post-graduate teaching activities for other UBI courses and for health professionals.
LaC focuses on simulation, at different levels, as a teaching and learning methodology that creates the bridge between the pre-clinical education and professional practice.
This center cooperates with other FCS and UBI´s structures for the following purposes:
i) Promoting the development of strategic research areas in medical education;
ii) Promoting research projects in medical education;
iii) Promoting students contact with medical education projects;
iv) Reporting medical education research held in FCS;
v) Developing partnerships with medical education research centers;
vi) Training in medical education.



LaC – Clinical Skills Lab
Faculty of Health Sciences
Rua Infante D. Henrique
Covilhã, Portugal
Phone number: +351 275 329 061
Fax number: +351 275 329 099
Coordinates: 40°16'6.58"N 7°29'40.64"W

Last update on: 15/09/2015

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