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According to the UBI statutes and the to the Student Ombudsman's regulation, there are specific competencies and limits of intervention:

Main objectives of the Student Ombudsman:

  • To receive and assess complaints regarding the Bodies and Services of the University and Entities associated with it;
  • Prepare, for each situation, a report, containing an opinion of recommendations, to be presented, as appropriate, to the Presidents of the Management Bodies of the Organic Units, to the Rector or to the General Council;
  • Provide information, at the request of the Organs and Services of the University, about any matters related to its activity;
  • Prepare, at the end of each academic semester, a report of its activity, referring it to the Rector and the General Council;
  • Propose changes to the current norms and procedures whenever they hinder the interaction between students and other agents, or lead to situations of lack of equity between the body of students.

It is not up to the Student Ombudsman:

  • Decide on the claims assessed;
  • Cancel, revoke or modify any acts of UBI's Bodies and Services.

Last update on: 15/04/2021

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