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Open to the city and to the world, the University of Beira Interior establishes diverse partnerships in its everyday life, with a view to the articulation with the society and the business world, through protocols, arrangements or cooperation agreements with peer institutions and with other entities, public or private.

Provision of services

To strengthen the links between the academic community and the civil society, by promoting and widening the application of knowledge and research, is one of the UBI’s main goals when it offers various types of services to the community.

- Consulting

Companies may resort to the several departments of the University for consultation, advice or to request/propose applied research.

-Non-graduate training

Through the CFIUTE, the UBI offers training courses for the academic community and civil society throughout the year.

-Free consultations of optometry and screenings on specific dates

The Faculty of Health Sciences provides the community with free consultations of optometry, under the first and second cycle courses of Optometry - Vision Sciences, as well as screenings promoted by medical students on specific dates announced previously in the University and in the city.

Last update on: 26/06/2015

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