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Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office (GRP) exercises its responsibilities in the areas of the protocol, communication, dissemination and image, as well as in the promotion of the UBI’s relationship with the society.

Internally, the GRP is responsible for the organization and support to the UBI’s social and official acts, by coordinating events, conferences, visits and academic ceremonies sponsored by the rectory and by managing auditoriums and other spaces. Among other functions, it supports the editing and publishing of works of institutional nature and it disseminates information of interest to the Institution;

It is also the Public Relations Office that organizes initiatives and projects of promotion and dissemination of the institution, as well as its participation in national and international exhibitions and events.

On this page you will find information on some of the activities that the GRP develops throughout the year, the team’s contacts and forms from other services the Office offers/coordinates, as guest accommodation and fleet management.



UBINFORMA – Newsletter

The UBInforma is the newsletter of the University of Beira Interior and it is published weekly.

The UBInforma conveys relevant information relating to the teaching, research and other materials of interest to the UBI’s academic community.

The UBInforma promotes the collaboration of all organic units and members of UBI in the disclosure of the activities developed by them, actively contributing to an effective internal and external communication.

The UBInforma complies with the constitutional values of freedom of expression and information and journalistic ethics and deontology.

The UBInforma’s articles are based on information published in internal and external sources. The opinions represented in these articles do not necessarily coincide with those of the editors and should not be understood as their statements. We wish that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date and we prepare and check our work in a careful way. However, we decline any responsibility for the use that may be made of such information or for any errors which, eventually, may occur.

The UBInforma is property of the University of Beira Interior.



Public Relations, Marketing and Events


  • Events and visits

The GRP carries out the dissemination of UBI’s training courses and scientific research in external events, such as national and international fairs of school orientation, employment, training and science and technology.

The GRP also coordinates the greetings to visitors in organized events, such as the "UBI Experiences", an activity that is intended to promote the capacities and potentialities of the institution on scientific, technical and cultural terms, informing about the University environment, through guided visits to the several departments, centres and other sectors such as the Library and the Museum.


For more information, please contact


  • Events Organisation

The GRP is responsible for collaborating in the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, congresses, meetings or other scientific, cultural, social and recreational activities promoted or supported by the Rectory and the Office should also support these initiatives institutionally and in protocol terms.


For more information, please contact:


  • Spaces Reservation


The coordination of initiatives on the part of the academic community and external entities at the premises of UBI is carried out by the Public Relations Office, which is responsible for the management of social spaces and auditoriums and which promotes joint logistics between appropriate services;

For more information, please contact:


  • Institutional Souveniers

The Public Relations Office is responsible for selecting and managing the merchandising articles used during the actions of dissemination of the Institution and other events, promoting its corporate identity and providing greater visibility to the University.



For more information, please contact:



The coherence of the institution’s image used in the various media and publicity materials is ensured by the GRP, which creates and produces graphic pieces according to the defined visual identity and conceives the institution units’ marks.


Use of the UBI’s logo

For more information, please contact




  • Accommodation

It is also the GRP’s responsibility to manage the set of rooms, apartments and halls of UBI, intended to accommodate teachers and researchers, in the short and long term.


  • Temporary Accommodation Catalogue
  • Long-term Accommodation Catalogue
  • Accommodation Reservation Form

The form must be sent to



The Public Relations Office is responsible for the car fleet management. The reservation should be made by filling in the following form:

  • Travel request form (available soon)

The form must be sent to


Press and communication

The relationship with the press and with the communication management in its multiple aspects and ways is the responsibility of the Public Relations Office. The preparation and sending of press releases, the clipping and the link to the media are part of the GRP’s everyday life, as well as the UBI’s portal, assumed as one of the most important tools of communication of UBI both internally and externally.


  • UBI’s Portal

The content and information management of the UBI’s institutional portal is guaranteed by the Public Relations Office, which promotes the follow-up of the construction of events’ support sites and also the checking of its contents’ quality.

In addition, the GRP develops the contents made available on social networks, enhancing informal relationships and the network use as a vehicle, from the universe of every individual’s interactions and from the sharing of his interests.

With the goal of broadening the dissemination of content through the Web portal and, simultaneously, reaching new audiences, the Public Relations Office studies and follows-up communication innovations, implementing them on the UBI’s website.

The Office also promotes multicasting of information received from other bodies, through email.

For more information, please contact



  • Institutional publications and Videos

The GRP publishes and produces quantitative and qualitative information about the University, such as, for example, the "UBI in numbers" and brochures relating to the training offer of the Institution. It supports several publications produced by the Rectory, teachers and/or departments.


The University Guide

UBI in Numbers


Extracurricular Activities

All applications/ requests for activities to be carried out between 2 March and 14 November, should be sent until 15 February.

Requests for activities to be carried out between November 15 and March 1, should be sent until 30 October. The application form, which should contain a brief description of the activities, as well as the information mentioned in the regulation, should be sent by email to



  • Regulation on Extracurricular Activities Support
  • Application Form


Last update on: 09/07/2015

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