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Quality Office

The Quality Office exercises its competences in the field of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation of Study Cycles, Teaching Quality and Management of the Quality System, in line with strategic planning.

The Quality Office shall:

  • Ensure the development, management and application of self-evaluation and institutional evaluation systems at the University;
  • Follow up the University evaluation programs to be carried out by the Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education, European University Association and other external entities;
  • Promote and coordinate the organization of the processes of creation, modification and evaluation of study cycles, follow-up reports, ensure its submission and registration by competent authorities, Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education and the General Directorate of Higher Education, and, if applicable, proceed to the publishing of the respective study plans in Diário da República;
  • Collaborate in the collection, analysis and interpretation of quality indicators of teaching-learning process;
  • Ensure the functioning of the guarantee system of teaching quality at the University and set alert patterns with regard to fundamental dimensions of analysis;
  • Collaborate with directors and course committees in order to identify problems and share strategies to solve them;
  • Update database of curriculum structures of education;
  • Develop and coordinate training programs for the UBI’s teachers;
  • Ensure coordination of the masters of teacher training;
  • Ensure the management and continuous improvement of the University Quality System;
  • Plan and coordinate internal audits, monitor the external audits, promoting with technical independence the services’ organisation and operation, within the Quality System framework;
  • Listen regularly to the needs and levels of the customers and other stakeholders’ satisfaction, streamline the implementation of surveys to students, teachers, graduates and employers, as well as proceed to the processing, analysis and dissemination of respective results;
  • Carry out studies of strategic planning and management that may be requested by its superiors.



Last update on: 24/03/2017

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