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SASUBI - Social Action Services

Social action services of Universidade da Beira Interior (SASUBI) have a mission to provide direct and indirect services of social support, embodied in a logic of action and social responsibility, sustainability and energy efficiency, being oriented to the satisfaction of the needs and interests of the UBI academic community.

The SASUBI were created by Regulatory Decree No. 62/86, of 6 November. With the publication of a diploma that defines the principles of the social action policy in higher education through Decree-Law No. 129/93, of 22 April, the Organization and functioning of these Social Action Services were structured, who then defined the Social Action Council (CAS) as its top management body, which is constituted by the Rector, as President, by the Administrator of the Social Action Services and by two representatives of the students, one of which is a scholarship student. This diploma was partially revoked (art. 12 and art. 17) by Act No. 62/2007 which characterizes the Legal Regime of the Institutions of Higher Education (RJIES), by its article 20, concerning school social action and other educational support.

It is the responsibility of the SASUBI to grant social support to students in the following ways:

- Direct support in the form of scholarships and emergency support, constituting a social support granted to economically needy students, consisting of a financial allowance supported entirely by the State, which aims to promote equal opportunities in school success; 

- Indirect support, which include the promotion of access to services of food and lodging, health services, the infrastructure of support to cultural and sporting activities, as well as access to other support services, namely psychological support and social entrepreneurship.

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