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Technical Services

Technical Services exercise their powers in the fields of management and maintenance of buildings, outdoor spaces and equipment and in terms of safety and environmental management.

The Technical Services are organized into three areas:

  • Infrastructure and Buildings;
  • Maintenance and Quality;
  • Safety, Hygiene and Health.


ST - Area of infrastructure and Buildings

This area is responsible for:

  • Promoting the preparation of plans for the development of facilities and equipment, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the competent bodies for this purpose and in compliance with the legislation in force in this field;
  • Launching, monitoring, coordinating and supervising the development of projects and refurbishment, rehabilitation or upgrading of existing facilities and equipment;
  • Ensuring and promoting actions relating to procedures of technical responsibility regarding the operation and performance of the technical infrastructure, as well as the inspection and periodic check of the premises, in accordance with applicable legal.


ST - Maintenance Area and Quality

This area is responsible for:

  • Planning and implementing all the necessary actions for the maintenance, conservation, rehabilitation and functional requalification of facilities and outdoor spaces of the University;
  • Ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings;
  • Organizing and providing services in support of security and surveillance, hygiene and cleaning, insect disinfestation and collection of waste.


ST - Area of Safety, Hygiene and Health

This area is responsible for:

  • Implementing procedures regarding the provisions on health, hygiene and safety of facilities and general purpose equipment, including intrusion, access, circulation and parking control;
  • Ensuring the safety of goods, buildings, people and spaces, through the preparation, coordination and development of planning strategies of security and surveillance and conceiving, structuring and proposing measures of prevention and protection;
  • Coordinating the preparation of the emergency plan for the premises and creating conditions for its operationalization.


Last update on: 09/06/2015

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