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The UBIMEDICAL is a space of excellence that articulates the link between the University and the business world. Created to speed up the transfer of knowledge in the pursuit of new technologies, it allows companies to develop research and laboratory tests required for effective marketing of new products, generating added value for the economy.

This structure came to enrich the health cluster in Portugal, acting as a spill-over in connecting the University to the market.

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Incubation services

The UBIMEDICAL is aimed at people with entrepreneurial profile that are interested in developing projects of technology transfer or business projects. Start-ups, students and researchers from UBI, Advanced Education entities and I&D are the enabling environment for knowledge sharing in the areas of health care and life sciences, and its economic valorisation.

For the best ideas, the UBIMEDICAL offers pre-incubation services to ensure that the projects’ products/ services that come to the physical incubation process are sufficiently developed to be launched on the market.

During the preincubation period prosecutors may use the facilities in terms of coworker, access to specialized consulting services that will allow the development of the product/service, the monitoring of the development of the business plan, and other specialized services with the purpose of creating the company (legal support, fiscal support, training, among others).

The focus of the UBIMEDICAL incubator is to provide the best conditions to develop the projects, offering "premium" physical spaces under competitive prices, privileged conditions of access to specialised entities (consulting in the fields of science and technology and management) and the eased up access to public entities, investors and financiers that can support business growth.

"Coaching” and “mentoring" are instruments that are at the entrepreneurs’ disposal to mitigate risks and support the acceleration of business project and its entrepreneurial skills.

Transfer of technology

The UBIMEDICAL promotes the transfer of technology between the University and the scientific/business environment by applying the concept of translational research, in response to the challenge that involves the passage of basic knowledge for their clinical applications and for the community at large.

Translational research seeks to advance the I&D results as soon as possible to the stage in which they can become attractive for industries like pharmaceutical, biotechnology or others. As a result of this bet, scientific research will be valued, through the adoption of a consistent policy of patents and licensing.

Researchers, laboratories and projects are focused on the promotion of technology transfer, in an ecosystem oriented to the promotion of scientific and technological entrepreneurship, launching spin-offs of I&D in the form of new businesses or new businesses in already established companies.

Investors’ attention focuses on creation and acceleration of technology-based companies, contributing to secure human resources of high technical skills in the region. The cross-fertilization of knowledge in the areas of drug-toxicology & medical waste assessment, health in building, studies of the effects of exposure to radon, biosensors and health telecare, general pathophysiology, 3D motion analysis system EMG, Neuropsychology, Optometry/Ophthalmology with Healthcare Analytics and Big Data areas, Healthcare Sensors (wearable/ingestible/On Device), development/ certification and applications test to the cloud ehealth and mhealth, Redundant Networks (disaster recovery) in emergency medical situations, contribute to the existence of a unique ecosystem in the region.

Sectors | Knowledge Areas

  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Biomedicine
  • Biophysics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nutrition
  • Sports medicine
  • Health and wellness
  • Technologies for Health
  • Medical Devices






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    LABEXPORAD - Laboratory of Studies of the Effects of Exposure to radon








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