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Georeferenced Information and Survey

 Non-degree course     Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitetura [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Georeferenced Information and Survey


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Profile of the programme The course provides skills in working with georeferenced information, obtaining, processing and presenting, as well as in the production of geometric records.
Students will receive theoretical training on georeferenced information and geometric registration, which will be consolidated through practical laboratory exercises.
The course is intended for all those who need to acquire knowledge and develop skills in working with any georeferenced information and in geometric registration.
Training is developed with the aim of continuous improvement in the training of specialized technicians.
Key learning outcomes At the end of the course the student should be able to recognize different coordinate formats and identify the current national coordinate system.
It should also be able to proceed with the acquisition of georeferenced data by direct or indirect techniques, identifying the different sources of errors.
It must also demonstrate the ability to store, process and produce georeferenced information.
Must be able to plan and process a geomatic survey using a drone.
Occupational profiles of graduates The course allows a wide range of professional options in the field of georeferenced information such as public services, municipalities, topography offices, land management, agriculture and forestry, etc.
Learning facilities There are several laboratories at the UBI that support the course, namely the topography laboratory equipped with levels, total stations, robotic total station with laser scan, geodetic GPS receivers, GIS GPS receivers, topographic and GIS computer tools, drone and geomatic processing and 3D reconstruction.
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Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitetura

Calçada Fonte do Lameiro
6201-001 Covilhã
275 329 969

Course Coordinator(s)

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Course Director
Pedro Gabriel de Faria Lapa Barbosa de Almeida
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