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Introduction to Aerospace Life Sciences

 Non-degree course     Departamento de Ciências Aeroespaciais [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Introduction to Aerospace Life Sciences


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Profile of the programme This course seeks to highlight the importance of interdisciplinarity in aerospace life science research and offers comprehensive training for the development of scientific, methodological and "soft skills".
The program seeks to prepare students to develop technical and scientific skills, offering opportunities for the required cooperation in aerospace research.
Key learning outcomes At the end of the training, the student will be able to:

_Understand and describe the physiological effects of aerospace flight on human health.
_Develop the ability to understand the interaction of aerospace environments with the physical and psychological limitations of aircraft occupants, as well as understand the dangers to flight safety.
_Communicate their ideas effectively to enable the development of skills associated with conducting a supervised aerospace science project.
Occupational profiles of graduates NA.
Learning facilities Theoretical-practical classes follow the participatory method.
Expository, interrogative, demonstrative and active methods will also be used in the classroom and with possible simulators.
The pedagogical techniques used will be brainstorming and simulation techniques promoting the discussion and practice of the acquired knowledge.
The resources used will be projectable (powerpoint, computer, projector) and eventually use simulators from the Portuguese Air Force's physiological training section.
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Departamento de Ciências Aeroespaciais

Calçada Fonte do Lameiro
6201-001 Covilhã
275 319 707

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
Jorge Miguel dos Reis Silva
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