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 1st Cycle Degree     Departamento de Comunicação e Artes [Portuguese]

Study plan/Branches   Philosophy
DGES code
CNAEF classification 226 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration DGES Registration R/A-Ef 1311/2011, 18-03-2011
Mode of study Evening classes
ECTS 180
Other information Statistics [PT]

National Access Competition  


Profile of the programme This Graduation intends to provide its students substantial basis formation in the history of philosophical thought, as well as in all the key considered philosophical disciplines. At the same time, the syllabus includes elective disciplines in the field of Communication Sciences, Cinema and Artistic Studies and, moreover, disciplines one of its kind, which introduces the reflection on major modernity questions such as habitat, bioethics, technics or culture. This justifies, with yet more accuracy and need, the cultural, pedagogic and scientific relevance of Philosophy which grants an indisputable originality to this Graduation educational offer.
Key learning outcomes The growing complexity of contemporary societies, the human and ethical challenges posed by new information technologies and biotechnologies and, additionally, the increasing importance endorsed to culture and art, induce the necessity, now more than ever, of those reflection tasks that continuously the occidental culture attached to Philosophy. Grounded on that diagnosis, the undergraduate Course of Philosophy of the University of Beira Interior was shaped to provide its students the necessary instruments for such a reflection. Above and beyond the learning outputs it provides, the Course of Philosophy has as its target to give to its holders of an undergraduate degree the general kind of knowledge that is shared in higher education and, moreover, the deep competences in its formation field, capability to apply them professionally, capability to solve new and unexpected problems and ability to pursuit learning with high autonomy throughout life. The undergraduate Course of Philosophy boosts, in addition, abstract thought, analysis and synthesis capabilities, encouraging consequently the interpretation of texts and of those multiple features of reality that provides to the holders of this undergraduate degree those specific abilities which materializes in a distinctive competence for reflection.
Occupational profiles of graduates Considering its overall goals, the under graduation Course in Philosophy of the University of Beira Interior promotes capacities that can be applied not only in the careers traditionally associated to this kind of Graduations, specifically education (the undergraduation is a necessary condition to access Master’s program in philosophy teaching) and investigation, but also in the growing careers in the “knowledge society”, that demands strong reflection capabilities, intellectual adjustment to new situations and autonomous learning throughout life, thus preparing its students to a full achievement of the following tasks: Teaching (secondary and higher education) and investigation; Public administration (local, regional and central); Political career; Diplomatic career; Career in the fields of Communication and Culture; Book and Edition; Business world.
Learning facilities The Department of Communication and Arts, where the undergraduate Course of Philosophy is to be found, offers his students a wide range of equipment and other material resources: climatized and fully equipped classrooms, with support material for the learning-teaching activities such as smart boards, videoconference system, video projectors, among others. The Graduation has still at its disposal the resources of the Institute for Practical Philosophy (IFP), namely a conference room and a specialized library in key areas of Philosophy. Students can yet count with a central Library, with thousands of volumes from the different scientific areas of the University.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Departamento de Comunicação e Artes

Rua Marquês D'Ávila e Bolama
6201-001 Covilhã
275 242 024

Course Coordinator(s)

Course Director
Urbano Mestre Sidoncha
Sem Fotografia
Mobility coordinator
Luis Filipe da Silva Madeira
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