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Sports Sciences

 1st Cycle Degree     Departamento de Ciências do Desporto [Portuguese]

Study plan   Sports Sciences

National Access Competition  

Admission Requirements
Vacancies 60 (2022)
Lowest Admission Grade 139 (1.ª fase - 2021)


Profile of the programme It serves as a mission the education of professionals endowed with technical and scientific knowledge in sport, physical activity and physical expression and motor skills in the educational context
Being a bachelor degree in social sciences and humanities (sport science), there are two foundations: (i) biophysics, which includes parental branch disciplines of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control (among others), (ii) socio-cultural, which includes disciplines such as pedagogy, psychology and economics. Learning how to prescribe physical activity for different populations or to sport performance purposes is the main objective of one important curriculum unit - Training methodology. Therefore, it is also our aim to aloud students to gain access to a future coach license. Finally, we highlight the opportunity offered to the graduating student (3rd year) contact with the labor market in different public and private organizations in the region.
Key learning outcomes The learning outcomes to be acquired throughout the study cycle can be structured in four levels: - Basic skills - observe, analyze and understand in detail sport
- Scientific skills - understand the scientific basis of all systems of human functioning in physical activity or sport / competition; - Operational skills - Intervene on the basis of the target audience and its objectives; organize and manage activities effectively and efficiently; - Cross skills - Relationship with others, lead and communicate, mobilize resources, seize opportunities with an active attitude, healthy morally and ethically, exposing themselves to criticism of their peers, respecting them
Occupational profiles of graduates The graduates in this course will be able to act in the following contexts: - Primary Schools (1st cycle of basic education)
- Public or private structures for exercise-health activities (finess)
- Sports clubs (training) and socio-cultural associations and other recreational facilities
- City councils (sports tecnician)
- Private structures aiming for active tourism, sport and recreation
Learning facilities In addition to the common rooms for classes, students will have: reading rooms, group study rooms, two pavilions for several indoor sport practice, gym, laboratory for exercise physiology and biomechanics assessement, library and a documentation center. Regularly, students can also benefit from some public infrastructures such as a 25m indoor pool and an athletics track.
The sports science facility (as any other university facility) includes a computer center with internet access, email and a virtual platform for teaching purposes.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Departamento de Ciências do Desporto

Convento de Santo António
6201-001 Covilhã
275 329 153

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
Ricardo Manuel Pires Ferraz
 [Ficheiro Local]
Mobility coordinator
Ana Sofia Ruivo Alves


Scientific Committee

Ricardo Manuel Pires Ferraz
Aldo Filipe Matos Moreira Carvalho da Costa
Célia Maria Pinto Nunes
Maria Dulce Leal Esteves
Ana Sofia Ruivo Alves
Pedagogical Coordination Committee
Ricardo Manuel Pires Ferraz
Year Coordinators
Ana Sofia Ruivo Alves(1st)
Aldo Filipe Matos Moreira Carvalho da Costa (2nd)
Maria Dulce Leal Esteves (3rd)
Year Representatives
Joana Boal Rocha Cardoso Costa(1st)
Luís Louro de Oliveira Correia Bento (2nd)
Tatiana de Carvalho Dias (3rd)

Recognition Committee
Ricardo Manuel Pires Ferraz
Aldo Filipe Matos Moreira Carvalho da Costa
Maria Dulce Leal Esteves
Ana Sofia Ruivo Alves
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