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 Integrated Master Degree     Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitetura [Portuguese]

Study plan   Architecture
DGES code
CNAEF classification 586 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette Order no. 7021/2021 - DR 2nd Series, no. 136, 15 July
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration A3ES Accreditation, 06-01-2022
Self-assessment Report
Initial registry: R/A-Ef 82/2012 de 05-06-2012
Changes registry: R/A-Ef 82/2012/AL01 de 14-07-2015 | R/A-Ef 82/2012/AL02 de 26-08-2019 | R/A-Ef 82/2012/AL03 de 18-05-2021
Mode of study Daytime
ECTS 300
Other information Statistics [PT]
The degree of licenciado in Basic Architectural Sciences is awarded after completion of 6 semesters with 180 ECTS

National Access Competition  

Admission Requirements
Vacancies 60 (2022)
Lowest Admission Grade 149.7 (1.ª fase 2021)


Profile of the programme Implement an innovative teaching methodology, with recourse to self-learning, research seminars and accompanying teachers-tutors Enhance the information on innovative construction techniques, materials, without putting aside the traditional
Strengthen the experimental practice component of architecture, since the sketch until the final draft
Articulate the various curricular units with draft Favouring a comprehensive training, including technical and scientific areas that are part of the architect's work methodology
Internationalization of knowledge, learning from and teaching with a global posture
Key learning outcomes The masters in architecture of UBI will be responsible for the smooth integration of human activities in the territory, valuing heritage and the environment. Will be able to work in the following areas: • Construction, urban planning, conception and design of the spatial framework of life of the population. • Studies, projects, plans, and consulting activities. • Management and direction of works. • Planning, coordination and evaluation of architecture projects. • Participation in competitions of architecture
Learning facilities The policy of Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture give great importance to learning support services, as well as to the practical side of teaching, this has well equipped Laboratories, covering all scientific areas present in the proposed study plan.
The main facilities are: • building Laboratories (CT) • geotechnical Labs (GEO) • Hydraulic laboratories and environment (HA) • Mechanical laboratories and structures (ME) • Urbanism and Planning laboratories (PU) • Laboratories of Topography and graphic representation (TRG) • Geographic Information Systems • design • student support • Library
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Departamento de Engenharia Civil e Arquitetura

Calçada Fonte do Lameiro
6201-001 Covilhã
275 329 969

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
João Paulo Fialho de Almeida Pereira Delgado
 [Ficheiro Local]
Mobility coordinator
Luis Miguel de Barros Moreira Pinto


Scientific Committee
João Paulo Fialho de Almeida Delgado
Ana Rita Martins Ochoa de Castro
Clemente Martins Pinto
Inês Daniel de Campos
Patrícia Alexandra Dias Santos Pedrosa

Pedagogical Coordination Committee
João Paulo Fialho de Almeida Delgado
Year Coordinatorso
Andreia Sofia Oliveira Garcia (1st)
Ana Rita Martins Ochoa de Castro (2nd)
José da Silva Neves Dias (3rd)
Jorge Humberto Canastra Marum (4th)
Miguel João Mendes do Amaral Santiago Fernandes (5th)
Year Representatives
Neuza Albino Pereira (1st)
Camila Cid Ferreira Fernandes Torgal (2nd)
Márcio Francisco Gonçalves Morreira (3rd)
Cláudia Isabel Araújo Santos (4th)
João Belchior Soares Tomás (5th)

Recognition Committee
João Paulo Fialho de Almeida Delgado
Ana Rita Martins Ochoa de Castro
Inês Daniel de Campos
Luís Miguel de Barros Moreira Pinto
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