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 3rd Cycle Degree     Departamento de Ciências Médicas [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Medicine


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DGES code
CNAEF classification 721 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette Order no. 9996/2015, DR 2nd series, no. 171, 02 September [PT]
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration A3ES Accreditation,11-06-2018
Self-assessment Report
Initial registry: R/A-Ef 1293/2011, 18-03-2011
Mode of study The course is designed to be compatible with other professional activities, namely with clinical practice. The first year of the course includes on-site tutorials, and lessons and assignments in e-learning platform, of which most are attended after working hours. In the subsequent years of the course, the student may manage and distribute the time that is dedicated to the research project, under the supervision of a PhD supervisor. The PhD supervisor must be a member of the University (UBI). Whenever justified, a supervisor may be appointed together with a co-supervisor, however, at least one of these must belong to UBI.
ECTS 180
Other information Manual 2021/22

General Access Regime  

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Admission Requirements
Vacancies 12 (2024)


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Profile of the programme
The PhD programme leading to the PhD degree will provide students with competences that enable them to become a qualified researcher; that is, a scientist able to conduct responsible, independent research, according to principles of good research practice.
Key learning outcomes
At the end of the course, students are expected:
a) to have demonstrated a systematic understanding of a field of medicine and mastery of the skills and methods of research associated with that field;
b) to have demonstrated the ability to conceive, design, implement and adapt a substantial process of research with scholarly integrity;
c) to have made a contribution through original research that extends the frontier of knowledge by developing a substantial body of work, some of which merits refereed publications;
d) to be capable of critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
e) to communicate with their peers, the larger scholarly community and with society in general about their areas of expertise;
f) to be able to promote, within academic and professional contexts, technological, social or cultural advancement in a knowledge based society.
Occupational profiles of graduates
The course will provide advanced training that will enable physicians to combine their clinical activity with research and teaching in medicine.
Learning facilities
Research in the field of Health Sciences is promoted in the University by the Health Sciences Research Centre (CICS). This is an Investigation and Development interdepartmental Unit which is financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology. CICS develops laboratorial, clinical and epidemiological research studies, with special relevance for studies of physiological and pathological mechanisms. This Research Centre promotes multidisciplinary investigation in the Health area and harbours an appreciable number of PhD investigators from different training areas. CICS obtained the classification VERY GOOD in the last FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) evaluation, undertaken by an international experts’ panel.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]
Deliberation by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Health Sciences (26/2/2010) (establishes minimum quality thresholds that a thesis shall satisfy before final submission, namely the minimum number of publications expected at the end of the study cycle).

Erasmus+ Agreements

Erasmus Agreements
  • Van Yuzuncu Yil University • Turquia • Duration: S
  • Aydin Adnan Menderes University • Turquia • Duration: A
  • Kafkas University • Turquia • Duration: S

Departamento de Ciências Médicas

Avenida Infante D. Henrique
6200-506 Covilhã
275 329 002
275 329 003

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
Maria da Assunção Morais e Cunha Vaz Patto
Não tem Fotografia.
Mobility coordinator
Francisco José Alvarez Pérez


Scientific Committee
Maria da Assunção Morais e Cunha Vaz Patto
Luís Manuel Taborda Barata
Francisco José Alvarez Pérez
Jorge Luís Santos
José Augusto Simões
Manuel Carlos Loureiro Lemos
Rafaela da Cruz Vieira Veloso Teles

Recognition Committee
Maria da Assunção Morais e Cunha Vaz Patto
Francisco José Alvarez Pérez
José Augusto Simões
Manuel Carlos Loureiro de Lemos
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