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Laboratorial Techniques in Chemistry

Code 10239
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 8
Workload PL(60H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Química Medicinal
Mode of delivery Face-to-face with recourse to e-learning.
Work placements Not applicable
Learning outcomes This course unit aims to teach the basic knowledge for a good practice in a chemistry lab, as well the registration and subsequent treatment of the results obtained.
Recognize the physical, chemical and toxic characteristics of reagents and solvents;
Use correctly scales, volumetric material and specific equipment used in unit operations in chemistry.
Select glassware and laboratory equipment in accordance with the application.
Apply good laboratory practices in the preparation of solutions.
Register and organize data and experimental observations.
Identify the objectives of the proposed experiments and the experimental methods to achieve them.
Plan and execute the experiments in question, including observation, measurement and registration of experimental data.
Syllabus Health and safety rules in chemistry laboratories.
Presentation and Discussion of results: errors and significant figures.
Handling and management of laboratory waste.
Basic laboratory operations: measurement of mass, volume and temperature.
Standardization of solutions
Isolation and purification of reagents using various unit operations such as: distillation, extraction, chromatography, precipitation and crystallization, filtration, drying.
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Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2012-05-18

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