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Code 10276
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload PL(30H)/T(30H)
Scientific area Mechanics and Structures
Entry requirements Calculus I
Mode of delivery Face-to-face
Work placements n.a.
Learning outcomes O1 - Knowledge of the fundamental concepts of mechanics.
O2 - Knowledge of the concept of resultant forces and static equilibrium of a point.
O3 - knowledge of the concepts of reaction, forces and moments equivalent and static equilibrium of rigid bodies.
O4 - knowledge of the concepts of hypostatic, isostatic and hyperstatic mechanical systems.
O5 - Ability in the calculation and static analysis of simple and composite isostatic structures, with determination of support reactions and binding forces between sub-structures.
O6 - Ability in the calculation of internal forces in beams, articulated systems, portals and arcs, with the tracing of the respective diagrams.
O7 - Knowledge of the concept of elemental work of a force and a moment.
O8 - Ability in the application of the principle of virtual works to the calculation of support reactions and efforts in isostatic structures.
O9 - Knowledge in the basic mechanical and structural problems involving friction.
Syllabus C1 - Introduction to Mechanics: Fundamental concepts and principles, units, numerical precision.
C2 - Statics of material points: Equivalent systems of forces, resultant force, force polygon, equilibrium of a material point (2D and 3D).
C3 - Statics of rigid bodies: Forces and reactions, equivalent forces, moment of a force, resultant moment, equilibrium of rigid bodies.
C4 - Analysis and classification of mechanical systems: Hipostatic, isostatic a hyperstatic.
C5 - Diagrams of internal forces: Bending moment, shear force and axial force in beams, frames, arches and hinged structures.
C6 - Method of virtual work: Elementary work of a force and a couple. Principle of virtual work applied to hipostatic and isostatic mechanical systems.
C7 - Friction: Laws of dry friction. Friction coefficient, wedges.
Main Bibliography - Estática Aplicada para Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura, Negrão, J. H., 2009, DEC-FCTUC.
- Mecânica Vectorial Para Engenheiros, Beer, F., Johnston Jr., 1998, Mc. Graw Hill;
- Teoria e Prática das Estruturas - Isostática (vol.1), Rocha, A., 1973, Editora Cientifica;
- Shaping Strucutures – Statics, Zalewski, W., Allen, E., 1997, Jonh Wiley & Sons, Inc. USA.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-06-07

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