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Code 11776
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 5
Workload T(30H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Psychology
Entry requirements None.
Mode of delivery Presential.
Work placements NA
Learning outcomes It is intended that students learn the fundamentals, apply intervention techniques and psychological assessment from a psychogerontological perspective. Students must:
• Discuss and apply constructs and theoretical models to the study and the intervention in old age.
• To characterize the psychological development in old age.
• To perform comprehensive geriatric assessment processes and psychological evaluation for the elderly.
• Apply, ground methods, techniques and psychological intervention programs in old age.
• Demonstrate interpersonal skills with seniors
• Consult and critically analyze scientific information on issues related to the practice and
psychological research in old age.
• Demonstrate skills to work in multidisciplinary among old age Intervention teams.
Syllabus 1. Psychogerontology and psychology of aging: constructs and theoretical perspectives.
2. Research in Psychogerontology: Research designs, methods and techniques.
3. Psychological assessment in old age and comprehensive geriatric assessment.
4. Psychological intervention and promotion of well-being in old age.
Main Bibliography - Afonso, R. M. (2011). Reminiscência como estratégia de intervenção psicológica em pessoas idosas. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian/Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.- Budson, A. E. & Solomon, P. R. (2015). Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease, and Dementia: A Practic
- Fernandez, Ballesteros, R. (2009). Psicogerontologia: perspetivas europeas para un mundo que envejece. Madrid: Piramide.
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- Resnick, B., Gwyther, L. P. & Roberto, K. (Eds.) (2010). Resilience in Aging: Concepts, Research, and Outcomes. New York: Springer.
- Schaie, K. W. & Willis, S. L. (2010). Handbook of the Psychology of Aging (7th Ed.). San Diego: Elsevier Academic Press.
- Sorocco, K. H. & Lauderdale, S. (2011). Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Older Adults: Innovations Across Care Settings. New York. Springer Publishing Company.
- Woods, R. (Ed.) (2008). Psychological Problems of Ageing: Assessment, Treatment and Care. New York: Wiley.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Teaching and learning activities included in this Unit include the following:
- Collection and systematization of knowledge.
- Discussion and analysis of cases.
- Discussion and analysis of documents.
- Development of research-oriented databases for specific content.
- Carrying out individual and group work.
- Theoretical showing / systematization.
The parameters considered in the evaluation of the Unit are:
- Participation / attitude in class.
- Theoretical and practical exercises conducted throughout the semester.
- Presentation of work about an intervention program;
- Preparation of comprehensive geriatric assessment process / psychological evaluation.
- Knowledge assessment Tests.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-10-27

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