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Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation

Code 11777
Year 1
Semester S1
ECTS Credits 5
Workload T(30H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Psychology
Entry requirements Not applicable.
Mode of delivery Presencial Attending
Work placements Not aplicable
Learning outcomes It is intended that students will be able to intervene in accordance with the fundamentals of assessment and neuropsychological rehabilitation, showing the ultimate ability to: Mark the scientific area of Neuropsychology; Distinguish and integrate the assessment and rehabilitation processes; Elect and apply assessment strategies and rehabilitation founded by leading theories or frameworks; Plan and develop intervention projects in Evaluation and Rehabilitation contexts.
Syllabus 1. Multidimensional model of neuropsychological assessment 2. Ethical issues in the context of neuropsychological assessment of adults and elderly adults 3. Clinical interview 4. Pre-morbid intelligence and cognitive reserve: TeLPI and BARC 5. Cognitive screening and general cognition: MMSE, MoCA, TDR, ACE-R, ADAS-Cog, CDR 6. Memory: WMS-III, FCSRT, CFT, RAVLT, CVMT, SMC, EQDC 7. Attention and Executive Functions: Toulouse & Pieron Dam, D2, Trail Making Test, Stroop, Tower of London, Wisconsin, Verbal fluency, BRIEF 8. Functional Capacity: IAFAI 9. Performance validity: Rey 15-IMT 10. Multidimensional model of neuropsychological rehabilitation 11. importance of the close relationship between neuropsychological assessment and the design of a neuropsychological stimulation and / or rehabilitation program 12. Techniques of stimulation and / or neuropsychological rehabilitation: theoretical and empirical basis, exemplification of application in various clinical conditions, associated ethic
Main Bibliography D’Amato, R. C. & Hartlage, L. C. (2008). Essentials of neuropsychological assessment: Treatment planning for rehabilitation (2nd ed). New York: Springer. Lezak, M., Howieson, D., Bigler, E., & Tranel, D. (2012). Neuropsychological assessment (5th ed). New York: Oxford University Press. Simões, M. R., Santana, I., & Grupo de Estudos de Envelhecimento Cerebral e Demência (Eds.) (2015). Escalas e Testes na Demência (3ª. edição) [Scales and Tests in Dementia, 3rd ed.]. Lisboa: Novartis. Strauss, E., Sherman, E.M.S. & Spreen, O. (2006). A Compendium of neuropsychological tests: Administration, norms, and commentary. New York: Oxford University Press. Tuokko, H. A. & Smart, C. M. (2018). Neuropsychology of cognitive decline: A developmental approach to assessment and intervention. New York: Guildford Press. Wilson, B. A. (Ed.) (2003). Neuropsychological rehabilitation: Theory and practice. Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger publishers. Wilson, B. A., Winegardner, J., Heughten, C. M., & O
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Expository classes with availability of current and representative bibliography of the themes, including studies for the Portuguese population. Training of testing / practical skills in the application, quotation and analysis and interpretation of results, as well as case formulation, based on the realization of a practical work based on a neuropsychological assessment manual / protocol for adults and / or elderly adults to be made available students. Training in planning skills for a neuropsychological stimulation and / or rehabilitation program adapted to clinical conditions. Training of practical skills for implementation, monitoring and integration of information / outputs of cognitive rehabilitation. Tutorial guidance is also foreseen in carrying out these works
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2022-03-02

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