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Sport Performance Analysis

Code 12442
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload T(15H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Sports Sciences
Entry requirements NA
Mode of delivery Face-to-face
Learning outcomes To develop knowledge and skills for the analysis of sports performance in training and competition in different sports.
Syllabus 1 The scouting and the performance analysis process: The importance for training and the competition
2 Methods for analyzing sports performance
3 Validity and reliability of sport performance analysis protocols
4 Creation of protocols for the analysis of sports performance according to the objectives and modalities under observation
5 Complementary option sporting modality
- Option 1 - Observation and analysis in football
- Option 2 - Observation and analysis in futsal
- Option 3 - Observation and analysis in swimming
Main Bibliography O'Donoghue, P., Holmes, L., & Robinson, G. (2017). Doing a research Project in sport performance analysis. Routledge.
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Silva, A.J., Rouboa, A., Moreira, A., Reis, V., Alves, F., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Marinho, D. (2008). Analysis of drafting effects in swimming using computational fluid dynamics. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 7(1), 60-66.
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Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Presentation of 1 report of performance analysis in a specific sport (document 70% + presentation 30% + discussion 10%)
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2020-06-08

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