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Seminar on Ethics and Phenomenology I

Code 13031
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 15
Workload OT(5H)/S(40H)
Scientific area Philosophy
Entry requirements There are none.
Mode of delivery face-to-face.
Work placements none.
Learning outcomes At the end of this Seminar, students should be able to:
1. To discuss, explain and justify the genesis of the problems, notions and fundamental implications of Phenomenology in their specific historical and thematic contexts in the light of consecrated texts and fundamental authors;
2. To deepen and cross thematic and plural perspectives regarding phenomenological reflection and its in fieri project with a view to the structured and thought-out possibility of transition to a practical philosophy;
3. Write a paper where a global understanding of problems and the ability to apply that knowledge in making methodological and theoretical decisions within a specific topic is demonstrated.
Syllabus Module I (Teacher: Urbano Sidoncha)
«Phenomenology in its self-understanding as Transcendental Philosophy: the Husserlian stage»
1. The idea of Phenomenology: from descriptive psychology to Transcendental Philosophy;
2. Background to Transcendental Philosophy: the Cartesian heritage of phenomenology and its Kantian moment;
3. Revisiting some central topics in Phenomenology;
4. On the scope of Phenomenology.
Module II (Teacher: António Amaral)
1. On the way to the Gulag;
2. Welcome to Samarkand;
3. Postpone catastrophe? From the phenomenology of life's work to the lived phenomenality of work.
Main Bibliography Basic bibliography:
HUSSERL, E., (1907 | 2008). A Ideia de Fenomenologia, Lisboa, Edições 70.
HUSSERL, E., (1962 | 2006). Europa: Crise e Renovação, Lisboa, Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa.
HENRY, M., (1990). Du communisme au capitalisme. Théorie d’une catastrophe. Paris: Éditions Odile Jacob

Secondary bibliography:
MERLEAU-PONTY M., (1952). "Les Sciences de l’Homme et la Phénoménologie" in Parcours deux 1951-1961, Lagrasse: Éditions Verdier, 2000: 49-128.
SIDONCHA U., (2011). Do Empírico ao Transcendental – A Consciência e o Problema Mente/Corpo entre o Materialismo Reducionista e a Fenomenologia de Husserl, Lisboa, FCG/FCT.
HENRY, M., (2000). Incarnation. Une philosophie de la chair, Paris: Éditions du Seuil
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-06-16

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