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Code 13521
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload TP(60H)
Scientific area Biomedical Sciences
Mode of delivery Face-to-face.
Work placements N/A.
Learning outcomes Understand the synaptic plasticity and adaptation.
Study of the types of memory processes, information storage and brain structures.
Understand the neuroelectronics, explore the neuro stimulation and its technology.
Acquisition of electrical signals and understand the active prostheses.
Understand the human neurophysiology.
Understand the process of neuronal coding and decoding.
Understand the different types of memory.
Know the electrical processes related with the neuronal transmission.
Identify and apply the electrical technologies in the diagnosis and therapeutics of neurological disorders.
Analyse electronic circuits applied in neurology.
Design small equipment of electrical stimulation.
Use simulation programs to study, solve and visualize problems.
Elaborate small computer programs to implement artificial neuronal networks.
Work individually and within a team.
Develop autonomy and leadership abilities.
Know how to read and write scientific works.
Syllabus Neuronal encoding and decoding.
Information theory.
Neurons and neural circuits.
The model of the neuron.
The neuroelectronics.
The neuro-electronic systems.
The morphology and the process of neurological conduction.
Neural network models.
The adaptation and learning.
Brain plasticity.
The processes of memorization.
Representation of procedures for electrical transmission performed by neurons and synapses.
Electrical stimulation.
Computer simulation of the neurological system. Inspiration in system for understanding human neurological development and artificial intelligence architectures
Main Bibliography 1. Neuroengineering, by Daniel J. DiLorenzo (Editor) and Joseph D. Bronzino (Editor), CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2008.
2. Neural Engineering (Bioelectric Engineering, by Bin He (Editor, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005.
3. Electric Fields of the Brain: The Neurophysics of EEG, by Paul L. Nunez (Author) and Ramesh Srinivasan, Oxford University Press, 2006.
4. Toward Brain-Computer Interfacing (Neural Information Processing), by Guido Dornhege (Editor), José del R.Millán (Editor), Thilo Hinterberger (Editor), Dennis J. McFarland (Editor), Klaus-Robert Müller (Editor) and Terrence J. Sejnowski (Foreword), The MIT Press, 2007.
5. Scientific articles.
6. Matlab Tutorials.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2018-07-24

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