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Sports Traumatology and First Aid

Code 13750
Year 3
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 4
Workload TP(30H)
Scientific area Health Sciences
Entry requirements Not required.
Mode of delivery Face-to-face
Learning outcomes This UC aims to develop knowledge of the concept of sports injury, its etiology, causalities and main preventive methods in different contexts and sports modalities and to develop theoretical and practical knowledge about basic life support.
- Recognizes major types of sports injuries and their signs of seriousness
- Identifies the main risk factors for sports injuries, enunciating preventive measures in different contexts of practice
 -Understands different casualties of sports injuries, their relationship with the state of fatigue and the importance of the trainer-athlete-medical triad in the prevention, identification, treatment and recovery of sports injuries
-Know the main risks of injury in different sports, describing some preventive measures in the framework of the training process. Knows how to apply first aid, recognizes cardio-respiratory arrest and knows how to start life support and ask for differentiated help
Syllabus 1. Sports injury:
a. The. Injury concepts and types
b. Basic injury mechanisms
c. Risk factors for sports injuries
d. Sports injuries and fatigue states - their psychological and nutritional causality
e. Main means and methods of recovery in sporting activity
f. The doctor-athlete-trainer relationship in sports injuries
g. The typical injuries of the athlete in different sports
h. Injury prevention in different modalities

2. First aid and Basic Life Support:
a.The. Integrated Medical Emergency System
b. First aid
c. Examination of the victim
d. Airway obstruction
e. Heart attack
f. Hemorrhage
g. more frequent traumatic lesions
Main Bibliography Horta L. Prevenção de Lesões no Desporto, Texto Editores (1ª Edição). Lisboa, 2011.
Manual da AHA do curso de primeiros socorros e suporte de vida
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-02-24

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