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International Marketing

Code 14075
Year 1
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload OT(15H)/TP(30H)
Scientific area Management
Entry requirements Not aplicable
Mode of delivery - Present in class
Work placements Not applicable
Learning outcomes This course addresses the complex international marketing environment and the need to investigate its surroundings in various dimensions: economic, social, political, technological, cultural and legal, from conceptual, methodological and pratical perspectives . On the other hand, considers how these environmental dimensions, influence and can be integrated into marketing programs and strategies.

The course takes a holistic perspective about internationalisation of firms and intends to help students:
• To develop the understanding about some key issues such as: internationalisation theories, evolution of the concept of internationalisation, internationalisation of large firms vs. SMEs, export motives and dimensions of internationalisation.
• Understanding entry strategies in international markets
•Identify the decisions relating to the selection and development for international markets
•Understanding the market entry strategies
• To develop an International Marketing Program (product, price, distribution and promotion), as part of the International Business Strategy.
Syllabus PART I. General Aspects of International / Global Marketing
CAP 0 - Introduction to the Course
CAP 1 - General concepts of international / global marketing

PART II - The international environment
CAP 2 – The economic environment
CAP 3 - The comercial environment
CAP 4 – The socio cultural environment
CAP 5 - The politic and legal environment

PART III - Strategies for entry into international markets
CAP 6 -Entry strategy in international markets
CAP 7 - The modalities of entry
CAP 8 - Research in international markests
CAP 9 - Competitive Strategies in international markets
CAP 10 - The international market selection process

PARTE IV – Global marketing mix
CAP 11 - The global marketing mix decisions
- Product
- Price
- Distribution
- Global communication
Main Bibliography HOLLENSEN, S. (2017). Global Marketing, 7th edition, Prentice-Hall Financal Times.
KEEGAN, W.; Green Mark C. (2020). Global Marketing, 10th Edition, Pearson.
KOTABE, M.; Helsen, K. (2011). Global Marketing Management, 6th Edition, Wiley John Wiley & Sons, NJ.
SILVA, S. C.; MENESES, R.; PINHO, J. C. (2018). Marketing Internacional – Negócios à escala global, Actual Editora, Coimbra.
CATEORA, P. R.; GILLY, M. C.; GRAHAM, J. L. (2013). Marketing Internacional, 15ª Edição, AMGH Editora, São Paulo.
VIANA, C.; HORTINHA, J. (2005). Marketing Internacional, 2ª Edição, Edições Sílabo, Lisboa.
Articles and other supporting material provided in class
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria Classes are of theoretical and practical nature, where the theoretical exposition is accompanied, where
possible, with the presentation of practical examples, case studies and practical work by the students.
Practical work includes a project to create a business and the development of a critical analysis of the
presented projects, including a written part and an oral presentation.
- Attendance not mandatory

Periodic Evaluation:
- Middle Written work (20%)
- Presentation of the work (10%)
- Final Written Work (40%)
- Presentation of the work (10%)
- Written test (20%)
Note: Minimum score of 6 values.

Final evaluation:
- Written exam (75%)+Final Work (25%

Students who obtain a Teaching Learning Classification of at least 10 values will be exempt from examination. In order to be assigned frequency and therefore be able to access exams, students must obtain a Teaching Learning Classification of at least six values.

General assessment standards of the University of Beira Interior
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2024-03-21

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