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Business Marketing

Code 14391
Year 3
Semester S2
ECTS Credits 6
Workload TP(60H)
Scientific area Marketing
Entry requirements n.a.
Learning outcomes The main objective of the course is to present and discuss the characteristics of the Business-to-Business market as well as to analyze the use of the basic conceptual tools of Marketing in a Business-to-Business context.
The contents of the course aim to develop in students the ability to analyze and decide on the main variables of marketing in the context of the business-to-business market.

Thus, specific objectives can be defined
• Developing an understanding of the operation of the business-to-business market
• Understand the various strategic options and business-to-business marketing policies.
• Realize the importance of value creation as a central element in the business-to-business market
• Seizing the role of Relationship as a Catalyst for Success in the Business-to-Business Market
Syllabus Part I - Analysis and understanding of the concept of value in the business-to-business market
1 - Business-to-Business Market Specificities
2 - Research and use of market knowledge
3 - Understanding Buying Behavior in the Business-to-Business Market
4 - Definition of the market strategy

Part II - Creating value in the business-to-business market
5 - Analysis and management of the market offer
6 - Innovation in the business-to-business market approach
7 - Creating value through marketing-mix
8 - Channel management in the business-to-business market

Part III - The distribution of value in the business-to-business market
9 - Identification and management of markets in the global context
10 - Managing relationships in the business-to-business market - Customer Life time Value
Main Bibliography Anderson, J. C., Narus, J. A., & Narayandas, D. (2009). Business market management: Understanding, creating, and delivering value. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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Moreira, C. T., & Neto, R. O. (1998). Marketing. Business to Business. É Fazer ou Morrer. São Paulo: MAKRON Books - Pearson Education.
Teaching Methodologies and Assessment Criteria 2 individual tests in continuous evaluation (50% each).
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2021-06-12

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