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Faculty of Engineering

Installed in the old wool Manufacturing Company, the Faculty of Engineering is extended along the Ribeira da Goldra, at the mountain’s foot, where technology and nature meet and inspire one another.

Bridges and airplanes were pioneering areas still in the embryo of the UBI’s threads and now know a solid and magnificent ball of thread, woven throughout years of learning and research.

Equipped with laboratories and workrooms of and for all, the faculty welcomes six research units, financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, who are in permanent contact with the corporate sector. Two of these research units with very positive external evaluations, are poles of associated laboratories, institutions of excellence in research in Portugal.

The Faculty of Engineering is constituted by the Department of Textile Science and Technology, Aerospace Sciences, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Electromechanical Engineering and Informatics.

Within the framework of the Bologna process, which came to introduce significant changes in university education, in 2006 the UBI adapted its degrees in Engineering successfully by fostering a growing closeness of teaching and research to the real industry needs.

The Faculty of Engineering promotes scientific and technological dissemination regularly through the organization of seminars and conferences on themes related to the areas of the courses coordinated by the departments, in which teachers, students and national and foreign specialists participate.

In addition to scientific dissemination, the Faculty of Engineering supports and stimulates cultural and ludic activities developed by teachers, researchers, collaborators and students' cores.

The Faculty Engineering courses are accredited by The Order of Engineers in the appropriate schools.

Last update on: 07/09/2022

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