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Group Dynamics

Código 13343
Ano 1
Semestre S1
Créditos ECTS 6
Carga Horária -
Área Científica Psicologia
Objectivos de Aprendizagem - Theoretical competences in comprehending how small groups function, in particular in relation to group
formation and dynamics.
- Introduction competences of small group research literature analysis in order to promote the
comprehension of group use as a change/intervention tool.
- Interpersonal skills to work in groups in order to carry out practical activities and theoretical studies of
the curricular unit.
- Skill set in communicating ideas, problems and solutions, resulting from the activities of analysis, synthesis and reflection carried out in individual and group work.
Conteúdos programáticos 1. Group structure and dynamics.
2. Group formation and development.
3. Group interdependence and cohesion.
4. Emotions and emotional expression within groups.
5. Conflict and conflict resolution within groups.
6. Group autonomy and leadership.
7. Problem-solving and decision making within groups.
Metodologias de Ensino e Critérios de Avaliação Methodology:
Lecture; Review and analysis of scientific literature; Individual and group analysis of theoretical and theoretical-practical documents; Individual and group analysis of case studies; Lesson planning and presentation; Simulation exercises; Group dynamics exercises.

Evaluation strategies: Individual tests for theoretical knowledge evaluation; Written theoretical-practical assignments carried out under independent work.
Bibliografia principal Forsyth, D. R. (2005). Group dynamics (4rd ed.). Belmont-California: Wadsworth Publishing.
Hogg, M. & Tindale, S. (Eds.) (2001). Blackwell handbook of social psychology: Group processes. Oxford: Blackwell.
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Franz, T. M. (2012). Group dynamics and team interventions: Understanding and improving team performance. London: Wiley- Blackwell
Wheelan, S. A. (Ed.) (2005). The handbook of group research and practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
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Data da última atualização: 2021-01-29
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