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26 June 2019

14h00-14h30: Registration


14h30-15h00: Opening session

António Albuquerque – Director of the Doctorate Course in Civil Engineering

José Oliveira – Municipality of Covilhã and Águas da Covilhã, EM

Manuel Pacheco – Beralt Portugal, Minas da Panasqueira

Nuno Pedro – ICOVI - Infra-estruturas e concessões da Covilhã, EM

Fernando Diniz – President of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture


15h00-17h30: Lab workshop on Waste-based CO2cured concrete and building materials

João Castro Gomes, Manuel Magrinho, António Albuquerque

Laboratory of Technology and Mechanical Testing - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture


18h30: Welcome reception

Regina Gouveia

Councillor of the Culture of the Municipality of Covilhã


19h00: Urban Art Tour

Visit to the urban art of the historic center of Covilhã - by “A Tentadora”


19h30: Networking cocktail drink and refreshment

Casa das Muralhas - Covilhã Heritage House



27 June 2019

Session 1 - Chair: Cristina Fael


Prompt quality assessment methods for rehabilitation projects: a contribution for the state-of-the-art


Catarina Mouraz, José Mendes Silva



Constructive retrofit guidelines for social housing buildings in Beira Interior region, Portugal, for actual and future climate scenarios


Pedro Brandão, João Lanzinha



A numerical study of the effect of Vortex-Induced Vibrations on a circular cylinder mounted under elastic support


Hugo Canilho, Cristina Fael, José Páscoa



Early age compressive strength of waste-based-glass-powder magnesium silicate binders on initial carbonation curing


Erick Soares, João Castro Gomes




11h00-11h30: Coffee break



Session 2 - Chair: João Castro Gomes


Low Liquid-To-Solid ratio of mining waste and slag binary alkali-activated material


Naim Sedira, João Castro Gomes



The effect of activator/precursor ratio on the rheological properties of alkali-activated mining waste mud paste


Abdelhakim Benhamouda, João Castro Gomes, Luiz Oliveira



Use of iron ore overburden as a precursor for the synthesis of an alkali-activated binder


Marina Filizzola Oliveira, Naim Sedira, Ana Cláudia Guimarães, Fernando Lameiras, João Castro Gomes



13h00-14h00: Lunch

Refectory of the Faculty of Engineering



Session 3 - Chair: João Lanzinha


Multivariate data analysis of thermal performance of Portuguese residential building stock


Rita Andrade Santos, InêsFlores-Colen, Nuno Vieira Simões, José́ Dinis Silvestre



Analysis of the implementation of the Standard Performance ABNT NBR 15,575/2013: a case study with Brazilian constructors


Fernanda Silva Moreira, Rafaela Fujita Lima, Luís Felipe Cândido, João Lanzinha



Proposal of methodology for technical inspection and rehabilitation intervention for multi-family buildings of the 60's in Portugal


Inês Marcelino, João Lanzinha



Cycling mobility in slopping cities: Trondheim and other lessons


Isabel Matias, Ana Virtudes



16h00-16h30: Coffee break



Session 4 - Chair: Ana Lidia Virtudes


Smart urban planning at local scale: e-master plan


Olga Gonçalves, Ana Virtudes



Housing planning for informal settlements: Pante-Macassar (East Timor)


Ana Santos, Ana Virtudes


18h00: Funding opportunities for business

Pedro Serrão

GAPPI - Support Office for Project and Promotion of Research of UBI


20h00: Dinner

Machine room - Faculty of Engineering


28 June 2019

Session 5 - Chair: Miguel Nepomuceno


The importance of the directives creation for the evaluation of the buildings envelope conditions in condominium regime inserted in a technical management model


Vitorino Neves, João Lanzinha



Evaluation of metals leaching in permeable asphalt pavement and conventional asphalt pavement


Márcia Afonso, António Albuquerque, Cristina Fael, Marisa Dinis-Almeida



Constructive characterization of Gorongosa National Park villages


Michael Mendes, Ana Ferreira, Dinis Gardete



Making cycling’s spaces in hilly cities


Isabel Matias, Bertha Santos, Ana Virtudes


11h00-11h30: Coffee break


Session 6 - Chair: João Fonseca


Softned Variable Angle Truss Model (RA-STM): model description and refinement/optimization proposals


Benedito Filho, Luís Bernardo, Bernardo Horowitz



Proposal of an airport pavement maintenance management system for Cape Verde


Débora Lima, Bertha Santos, Pedro Almeida



Evaluation of the Caesium-137 activity at the Rochedo dam, Goiás, Brazil


Regina Nogueira, Aline Oliveira, Heliana da Costa, Antonio Albuquerque, Paulo Scalize


13h00-14h00: Lunch

Malufa Refectory


Session 7 - Chair: Isabel Falorca


Elaboration of geotechnical thematic maps in urban areas


António Monteiro, Luís Pais, Carlos Rodrigues



Stress-strain relationship in homogeneous and two-layered specimens


Gabriel Oliveira, Isabe Falorca



Contributions for conceptual geohydraulic model of the underground hydric resources of Meda municipality


Pedro Ferreira, Luís Ferreira Gomes, Alcino Sousa Oliveira



Rockfall hazard and risk assessment at the Algarve rocky coast


José Viegas, Luís Andrade Pais, Jean-Pierre Gonçalves


16h00-16h30: Coffee break


Session 8 - Chair: Bertha Santos


Monitoring of reinforced concrete for decision support in maintenance management systems


Pedro Romano, João Castro Gomes, Paulo Brito



Development of porous tungsten mud waste-based alkali-activated foams with low thermal conductivity


Imed Beghoura, João Castro Gomes


17h30: Closing Session

Scientific Course Committee


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