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Monday 22/05/2017


14:30 |Pre-Workshop session: Optional strategic partnership afternoon session (for strategic partners and interested candidates):

  • Finalising Strategic partnership 'Blended learning in radiation protection and radioecology, 2015-17
    • Short presentation and debugging of the training course
    • State of the art of the e-learning modules
      • How can you foresee to use them in your own courses next year?

Coordinator: Isabelle Gerardy


16:00 |Coffee break


16:30 |Pre-Workshop session: Optional strategic partnership afternoon session (for strategic partners and interested candidates):

  • Preparing new strategic partnerships for 2017 or later
    • Proposal new initiative : Prepare future RPE's for RPO's training

Schreurs, I. Gerardy

  • Future of the training modules developed or improved during the partnership

Coordinator: Isabelle Gerardy


20:00 |Welcome party and registration @ Puralã – Wool Valey Hotel

Coordinator: Sandra Soares


Tuesday 23/05/2017


09:00 |Opening of the registration and info desk


09:30 |Opening of the workshop (Sandra Soares)


09:40 |Current state of CHERNE: General Secretary's overview (Isabelle Gerardy)


10:00 |Session 1

  • Scientific, technological and educational activities in the inviting institution and in the new CHERNE member institutions
    • Presentation of Universidade da Beira Interior

Sandra Soares

  • HS Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Ulrich W. Scherer

  • CHERNE member's collaboration activities
    • Development of the Erasmus+ Blended Learning Training Module ‘MaRaWas: management of radioactive waste’

Schreurs, B. Mast, I. Gerardy, W. Schroeyers

  • Benefits of the participation of PhD students in practical lessons of Radiation Protection

Sáez-Muñoz, J. Ródenas, S. Carlos, S. Martorell

  • Short presentation of the past training and e-learning modules for the participants not present during the strategic partnership sessions
    • Can they be used by others, which kind of modalities, …?

Isabelle Gerardy

Chair: Domiziano Mostacci


11:30 |Coffee break


12:00 |Round table 1

  • Analysis of and discussion on activities of last year and for next year proposed for CHERNE partners

Moderator: Friedrich Hoyler


13:15 |Lunch break

14:30 |Session 2

  • Innovative nuclear and radiological research in CHERNE member institutions
    • Upgrade of the ICARUS T600 Time Projection Chamber

Tortorici, M. Babicz, V. Bellini, M. Bonesini, T. Cervi, A. Falcone, A. Menegolli, C. Montanari, G.L. Raselli, M. Rossella, C.M. Sutera, M. Spanu, M. Torti, A. Zani

  • The role of nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry in nanotoxicological studies

F: Groppi, E. Sabbioni, S. Manenti

  • Targeted treatment of selected waste streams to produce added value materials

Schreurs, R. Carleer, J. Yperman, A. Cuypers , Y. Pontikes, Bram Vandoren, J. Maggen, S. Vanderheyden, T. Haeldermans, T. Croymans, N. Vandevenne, Katrijn Gijbels, Bram Mast, W. Schroeyers

  • Modelling and reliability study of gamma- and charged particles-irradiated electronics components used is space industry

Antonio J. A. Albuquerque, Isabelle Gerardy, Thierry Delmot

  • Investigations of Process Parameters using Microwave Technology for the Treatment of Radioactive Waste

Jasmina Trnovcevic, F. Schneider, U.W. Scherer

  • Radionuclide Production with Cyclotrons 2.0

Gupta, U.W. Scherer

Chair: Sonja Schreurs


16:30|Coffee break


17:00 |Session 3

  • Innovative educational activities in CHERNE member institutions

    o   MPSR – A unique and innovative Master´s Degree on Radiological Protection and Safety in Portugal

    Pedro Vaz

    o   Analysis of the importance of preparing a textbook for Radiation Protection courses in an active learning methodology.

    José Ródenas

    o   From Particle Physics to Civil Engineering for a better health

    Pedro Almeida, Sandra Soares, Margarida Inácio

    o   IAEA Internet Reactor Laboratory Project: Belarusian feedback

    Tatsiana Savitskaya, Iryna Kimlenka, Slavica Ivanovich, Xavier Wohleber, Francois Foulon, Danas Ridikas, Aleksei Tolstik

Chair: Agnes Peeters


20:30 |Thematic dinner @ Puralã – Wool Valey Hotel


Wednesday 24/05/2017


9:30 |Session 4

  • Requirements on Education and Training in Radiation Protection in Europe (RPE/RPO): Reports from European networks
    • Actions and achievements of the 7FP ENETRAP III project

Antonio Falcao, Michèle Coeck, Joanne Stewart, Annemarie Schmitt-Hannig, Marisa Marco, Paul Livolsi, Sascha Trumm

  • Activities of EUTERP, the European Training and Education in Radiation Protection Foundation

Friedrich Hoyler

    • The activities of IRPA

João Oliveira Martins

  • Nuclear Education Networks and Programmes in Europe

Ladislav Musílek

    • The activities of DFM (Medical Physics Division of the Portuguese Physics Society)

Jorge Isidoro


11:00 |Coffee break

  • Activities of ERA (European Radon Association)

Jose Luis Gutierrez-Villanueva

    • The activities of SPPCR (Portuguese Society of Protection Against Radiations)

João Oliveira Martins

    • The activities of APA (Portuguese Environment Agency)

João Oliveira Martins

    • The activities of European ALARA Network – EAN-NORM

Sonja Schreurs, Wouter Schroeyers

  • Strategic partnerships in the CHERNE Network

Isabelle Gerardy


Chair: Herwig Janssens


12:00 |Round table 2

  • Future CHERNE organisational aspects and further perspectives for CHERNE network collaboration

Moderator: Ulrich Scherer

13:00 |Lunch Break


14:00 |Guided tour - IT'S TIME FOR CHERRIES


20:30 |Conference dinner @ H2Otel – Conclusions of the Workshop / Farewell

Coordinator: Sandra Soares


Thursday 25/05/2017


09:30 |Session 5

  • Health Effects from Radiation Exposure
    • Radon measurements in Portuguese thermal establishments

Ana Sofia Silva, Maria de Lurdes Dinis

  • Measurement of annual dose due to background gamma radiation

Luis Peralta

  • Analysis of radiation from radon on bioactive compounds present on Nasturtium officinale R. Br leaves

Margarida Inácio, Sandra Soares, Emília Amaral

  • Microdosimetric perspective of human lung acinus cancer prevalence

Alina Louro, Luís Peralta, Sandra Soares

  • Research activity on new generation devices and possible medical and radiological applications

Antonino Cannavò

Chair: Ladislav Musilek

10:30 |Session 6

  • CHERNE Annual Council (restricted to CHERNE Members)

Coordinator: Isabelle Gerardy

provisional agenda for the Annual Council:

  1. Approval of the minutes of the 12th CHERNE Annual Council 2016 in Cervia
  2. Acceptance of new members
  3. Update of the list of members
  4. Amendments to the CHERNE Declaration
  5. Election of the Secretary
  6. Analysis of activities developed during last year
  7. Activities programmed for the next year
  8. Next Annual Workshop venue
  9. Advisory Committee
  10. CHERNE Bulletin
  11. CHERNE platform
  12. Action list: 'to do's'
  13. Conclusions of the 13th Workshop in Covilhã
  14. Requests and questions


12:00 |Farewell lunch / Departure to Lisbon airport 

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