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Fibentech - Main Publications 2013-2017

Effect of hot calendering on physical properties and water vapor transfer resistance of bacterial cellulose films
V. L. D. Costa, A. P. Costa, M. E. Amaral, C. Oliveira, M. Gama, F. Dourado, and R. M. Simões

Functionalized xylans in the production of xylan-coated paper laminates
Ana Ramosa, Sónia Sousa, Dmitry V. Evtuguinb,c, José A.F. Gamelasd

Synthesis of poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) coating on textiles by the vapor phase polymerization method
Isabel G Trindade, João Matos, José Lucas, Rui Miguel, Madalena Pereira and Manuel Santos Silva

Design and Evaluation of Novel TextileWearable Systems for the Surveillance of Vital Signals
Isabel G. Trindade, José Machado da Silva, Rui Miguel, Madalena Pereira, José Lucas, Luís Oliveira, Bruno Valentim, Jorge Barreto and Manuel Santos Silva

Incorporation of antimicrobial peptides on functionalized cottongauzes for medical applications
A.P. Gomesa, J.F. Manob,c, J.A. Queirozd, I.C. Gouveia

Immobilization of bacteriophage in wound-dressing nanostructure
Frederico Nogueira, MSca,b, Natia Karumidze, PhDc, Ia Kusradze, PhDc, Marina Goderdzishvili, PhDc, Pilar Teixeira, PhDd, Isabel C. Gouveia, PhDb

The Oxygen Evolution Reaction at Sn-Sb Oxide Anodes: Influence of the Oxide Preparation Mode
D. Santos, A. Lopes, M. J. Pacheco, A. Gomes and L. Ciríaco

Nitrogen and organic load removal from sanitary landfill leachates by anodic oxidation at Ti/Pt/PbO2, Ti/Pt/SnO2-Sb2O4 and Si/BDD
A. Fernandes, D. Santos, M.J. Pacheco, L. Ciríaco, A. Lopes

Sustainable treatment of different high-strength cheese whey wastewaters: an innovative approach for atmospheric CO2 mitigation and fertilizer production
Ana R. Prazeres & Javier Rivas & Úrsula Paulo & Filipa Ruas & Fátima Carvalho

Agricultural reuse of cheese whey wastewater treated by NaOHprecipitation for tomato production under several saline conditionsand sludge management
Ana R. Prazeresa, Javier Rivas, Maria Adelaide Almeida, Manuel Patanita,Jóse Dôres, Fátima Carvalho

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