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Research Groups

  • Fiber Materials


    Research in:

    • Optimization of classical materials performance properties and/or advanced materials for classical or new applications, namely for healthcare and well-being, considering the improvement of design and aesthetics aspect concerning the influence of technology, namely correlation between structural characteristics (including raw materials) and end-use properties and functionalization by finishing and coatings processes and plasma treatment
    • Development of mass customization strategies for more competitive textile and clothing companies by personalized production, considering co-design company-customer, modular product design, virtual products, etc.
    • Development of a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to the design of smart clothing capable of interacting in an efficient and reliable mode with the wearer through embedded electronic sensors, actuators and interfaces in several types of contexts


    Research in:

    • Development of synergistic approaches for utilization and upgrading of different biopolymers, to assess the potential of natural bioactive agents for surface functionalization as well as the production of novel biomaterials based on nanofibers engineered by electrospinning
    • Development of cost-effective processes to produce chemicals/energy /polymers from lignocellulosic materials, including forest and agriculture residues and corresponding industrial sub-products
    • Production of advanced functional composites based on biopolymers, to enable the replacement of oil based composites
    • Incorporation of specific features to the natural polymers (non-food chain) through bio/chemical and/or physical methods, by combining appropriate processing methods and knowledge in surface chemistry, encapsulation and modelling, to design materials with advanced functionalities of perceived value in health, packaging, low-cost paper electronics, etc.



  • Environmental Technologies

    Ficheiro com o nome: environmental_tec

    Research in:

    • Disclosure of environmentally compatible solutions to problems caused by the human activity, keeping in mind the possible reuse of treated effluents and the valorization of treatment by-products and other wastes
    • Integration of biological processes with advanced electrochemical oxidation, ozonolysis, photocatalysis and membranes filtration, to increase biodegradability or as polishing treatment, to remediate and valorize wastewaters (domestic, industrial, landfill leachates and storm waters), to contribute to the protection of the environment by promoting the use of clean technologies and/or of non-polluting products
    • Preparation of new nanomaterials, based on perovskite oxides, to be used in photoelectrocatalytic applications
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